Salonized Customers

Keep customers loyal

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Increase your customer satisfaction with sending automatic reminders
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Easily set up a system of loyalty points
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Detailed customer profiles with treatment and product history

Know your clients in detail with our salon client administration

Prevent no-shows by sending automatic reminders via email and SMS. All important information about your clients (such as payment and visitor history) is automatically collected in a complete overview.


Lift your salon client administration to the next level

  • Increase your customer satisfaction by sending automatic reminders
  • Automatically send a personal birthday message
  • Search your client administration easily
  • Make use of an online intake form

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Make unsatisfied clients happy and loyal again

Send automatic feedback requests to your clients. These give you an insight in your service and provides you with the opportunity to win unsatisfied clients back.

Personal contact with your clients

  • Get an insight in your client's satisfaction
  • Send automatic feedback requests
  • Receive notifications of new messages and respond directly
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Loyal customers

Set up a system of loyalty points to inspire customers to return more often. Salonized salon software registers loyalty points automatically and clients can view their balance on their digital receipt.


Connect clients to your salon

  • Clients can earn loyalty points automatically
  • Select clients based on their earned point and send them a special offer