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In need of professional and user friendly salon software? Salonized is the key to happy customers, more valuable time and increasing your revenue.

Our story

We do not only want to make the work of our users more beautiful, but also that of our own Salonizers. Our team is diverse, motivated and enthusiastic.

Everyone gets the chance to develop as a professional, but also as a person. A good balance between fun, creativity and professionalism ensures that the Salonized team comes to the office cheerfully every day.

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What we stand for

We want to ensure that you have more time to do what you do best. It’s a shame how we see talented entrepreneurs get inundated with repetitive hassle and administrative nonsense. That’s why we built Salonized especially for you.


In every decision we make at Salonized, the customer is always our top priority. We are more than just a software company. We are a service that teaches our community everything they need to know and helps them to achieve their goals by providing content and tools to support them.


We preserve a friendly environment where we are attentive towards each other and treat one another with respect. Salonized is a family with a lot of diversity where we want everyone to feel welcome and included. Our communication style also flows over towards our customers and you can sense this sentiment in all of our means of communication.


All our ideas are based on a wide range of creativity which leads to innovative achievements. We are independent and there is always encouragement from various corners to try out new things.


Within our team the overall vibe of enthusiasm is always present. We are an ambitious group of likeminded people who care about our product. We encourage each other and every achievement deserves a celebration.


Our mission is to deliver high quality work and solutions for our customers. In order to aim for impeccable results, we listen to our customers' challenges and evaluate the data that comes with it so that our solutions match the customers’ needs. We strive for an advanced software product that is user experience minded.

Meet the team
Danny Hiemstra
Amber Korfage
Head of Product
Iris Hilgevoord
People & Culture Business Partner
Joost Kersten
Software Engineer
Ron Cadier
Software Engineer
Tamara van Meeteren
Nick Visser
Design Lead
Luuk Hafkamp
Product Manager
Leon de Wit
Software Engineer
Leonie Redeker
Quality Assurance Specialist
Amber Provoost
Content Marketing Lead
Bas Bastiaans
Product Support Specialist
Francisco Baigorri Hauen
Growth Marketeer
Arianna Tabani
Quality Assurance Specialist
Carolina Novais
Niels Bijlsma
Social Media Specialist
Gilian Kappen
Customer Support
Pavlo Zheldakov
Software Engineer
Pim Kerckhaert
Gonzalo Bordanzi
Software Engineer
Nikki Oostveen
Office Manager
Robin Been
Customer Support
Ali Faraj
Software Engineer
Cornalie Boering
UX Researcher
Hossein Shafiei
Software Engineer
Robrecht Jurriaans
Software Engineer
Kauthar Hussain
Customer Succes Manager
Frederik Elissen
Business Controller
Pio Francisco Halili
Software Engineer
Yasmine Homame
Country Manager Germany & Belgium
Jacob Philipsen
Data Analyst
Toby Sakata
Product Manager
Kostya Dubinin
Software Engineer
Mario Montenegro Gesteira
Software Engineer
Ladin Tanyeli
Sales Manager Germany
Fernando Condino
Software Engineer
Martijn Hazelaar
Gülcan Güney
Sales Consultant
Maria Halberg-Holmgaard
People & Culture Business Partner
Mary Suzy Günther
Sales Consultant
Jilly van de Broeck
Sales Consultant
Joel Ozkesen
Product Designer
Tomas Kolsteeg
Customer Succes Manager
Tatiana Cabuterra
Project Manager
Anna Schmidt
Sales Manager Germany
Rianne Maat
Customer Support Specialist
Tatjana Peremans
Sales Consultant
Wouter Schong
Product Manager
Marilena Stergiou
Talent Acquisition Specialist / Sourcer
Flip Vervliet
Financial Controller
Nadine Buntinx
Customer Support Lead
Estelle Dossou
German Customer Support Specialist
Lotte Boog
Customer Support Specialist
Picabo Rimac
German Customer Support Specialist
Gergana Dramova
Performance Marketing Manager
Nana Halonen
Digital Designer
Tara Jansen
Product Marketing Manager
Emelie Schweizer
Product Marketing Intern
Jeya Sri Ramesh
Analytics Engineer
Leonardo Cristovão
QA Engineer
Jodie Bakker
Customer Support Specialist
Adrian Kreller
Sr Marketing Manager
Bonita Hoogduin
Customer Support Specialist
Judith van der Wal
Customer Support Specialist
Ashley Gularte
Customer Support Specialist
Juliëtte Pruijn
Treatwell Account Manager
Charles Prickaerts
Interim Head of Commercial
Ninja Andritter-Witt
Customer Support Specialist
Subhangi Basu
People & Culture Intern
Ben Tune
RevTech Manager
Layla Farah
Customer Succes Hero
We’re hiring

Salonized is quickly growing and that's why we are looking for people to join our team. We offer a great environment with nice colleagues and a lot of space to work on your personal development. We like giving you the freedom and flexibility to deliver way beyond your job duties.

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