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The summer of 2019

July 31 comments

Do away with stress, because the sun gives us such a great feeling! And do you jump right out of bed when it’s summer time? The sun comes up very early, so you’re filled with energy and you get tired less quickly. Almost everyone is at the beach or on vacation, so it might be a lot quieter in the salon. Use it to your advantage. Have you been meaning to cross things off your to-do- list? Now is the moment. Take a plunge into MailChimp A newsletter, update, or temporary promotion, with MailChimp you can promote your company by sending an email you can design yourself. You can create an account via the website There is a registration process and adding different contact lists. This way you can decide for yourself who gets an email from you. In Salonized, you can easily use the comprehensive filters to automatically synchronize a selection of the customers with MailChimp. Read here how you can link MailChimp to Salonized. Bring in a breath of fresh air into your automatic emails Late-night dates with your phone because you’ve been busy the entire evening scheduling appointments is a thing of the past. Just another advantage to the salon software. But even things that are automated, need a fresh look at. Is your company data still accurate? Did you, for example, move to another address? Or did you develop a new logo? Make sure your account has the correct company data. The automated messages copy this information when the following appointment is confirmed. Then schedule a test appointment with your own data, so you receive your confirmation email in your inbox. That’s a good way to thoroughly examine this email. Seeing your reviews in a more positive light Sunrays make the world look just a tad bit nicer. You’re generally more positive and you easily daydream about everything you’d like to accomplish. How do you share this feeling with your customers? Maybe by reaching out to them in person. With the feedback feature in your Salonized account, you can respond to the reviews you got from your customers. This is also possible retrospectively. Spread that summer feeling! Would you like to read more about Salonized online review system? You can, in this blog. Update your social media, give it a summer vibe Every winter, I look forward to it again: going out without having to grab a jacket. You don’t need to go on a vacation to have a feeling like you’re on vacation. Oftentimes, staying home in the summer is just as fun! Share all your summery adventures in the salon via your social channels. Maybe it’s an invitation to the next appointment... Tip 1 Do you have special promotions you’d like to promote during the summer? Or do you go on vacations? Share what you’re doing as well as the vacation opening hours on your website. Tip 2 The entire team eating ice-cream, cutting someone’s hair outside, or the fact that there is some great air conditioning in the salon. Which fun pictures are you going to post on your Facebook page? Tip 3 Have you added the Book Now button to the bio of your business Instagram page? Bye summer, hello fall! All good things come to an end, including the summer of 2019. Are you planning to offer another promotion in autumn? What kind of promotion is it going to be? Who’s going to be your target group and how many treatments will this promotion include? Enough to think about when you’re enjoying the last sunrays...
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Hidden functions

July 25 comments

Software. How do you get the most out of your program if you are not technically inclined? You have a morning off and take a seat. After you’ve poured yourself a nice cup of coffee, open your laptop and rub it in your hands. Time to dive deeper into your software program! But where do you start..? No worries! In this blog I give you more insight into certain (hidden) functions of salon software. I have selected 5 for you to help you on your way: 1. Have important information sent automatically? Yes! Working with a software program takes a lot of work off your hands. Just look at the emails that are sent after every reservation. With the correct customer information, emails are sent automatically, without you having to do anything. Did you know that you can edit them as desired? This is ideal if you want to provide extra information. For example, you can let your customers know that you work at the Amsterdam location on Monday and in your salon in Amstelveen on Tuesday. Congratulations! Do you want to give your customers a little something extra on their birthday? We have made it possible so that you can add a voucher to the birthday message. You can read how to do this step by step via this article. 2. How do you make it easy for your customers to schedule a new appointment? How about a separate booking link? In addition to the booking widget, you can also opt for separate booking links. They look the same, only they skip the employee choice or name of the service. For instance: A booking link for 1 employee You have just taken on a new employee. To let your customers know the good news, you have placed a profile photo and a piece of text on your website. If you place the "Book now" button next to it, you immediately send the customer to the available dates and times of that employee. Et voilà, the first booking has arrived! A discount for a specific service You want to promote your new "Acne treatment" on your Facebook page. You have put a nice sentence on your page with the link. The "Book now" button immediately redirects the customers to the available dates and times for this specific treatment. Please contact us so that we can create this unique link for you. Then the specific treatment can be booked immediately! 3. How do you complete your time registration? Vacuuming, washing dishes, window cleaning ... There are always plenty of things to do in the salon. And when you do this every day, your salon is quickly cleaned up and tidy. In your agenda you can block these times as “Chore”. To apply these chores as worked hours in your agenda, we have highlighted the hours in green. This way you have a clear overview and can easily distinguish the hours worked as a chore, from the appointments and absences. Visiting a trade show or workshop with the whole team? You can also create tasks for the entire company. In your time registration you can find these hours again on the basis of the description you have given them. 4. How do absences automatically appear in excel? Public holidays, vacation, an extra long weekend, or: your well-earned days off! Because in addition to all the hard work, you also have to make room for relaxation. Don't forget to include your absences in your agenda! This ensures that an appointment cannot be accidentally booked when you are just relaxing in your beach chair. These absences are recorded via the "Absences" heading. Here you can filter by employee. And choose a specific period. Did you know that these absences are automatically saved in your data export? This file contains all the absences from the past. Both per employee and the absences at company level. So you no longer have to fiddle with excel files yourself! 5. Advanced filtering, what can you do with it? Are you also curious about who your best customers are? Good news, a new filter option has recently been added to the customer filter: the "total amount spent" of the past year. This looks at the amount spent by customers between today and 365 days ago. For example, you can find out quickly which customers spent more than 200 euros in the past year. In addition, the filter option in your customer base is ideal when you want to send an e-mail to a portion of your customers. For example, you have a new massage in the field of relaxation massages, and want to let all customers who have ever been with you for a particular massage know. In this case you can choose the filter to search by service. The steps of applying the filter are explained further in this article. You don't have an online calendar for your salon yet? Clients can easily book in an appointment with the salon software by Salonized. Start your free trial here and add your booking link to your website or Facebook page immediately!
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Make your Facebook business page more effective

May 28 comments

The (online) marketing world is continuously changing and this affects all entrepreneurs into a certain degree. For instance, who does not have a business page on Facebook? We post interesting offers, make-over pictures, promotions and the latest news from the salon. And of course, we hope that most of our followers will see them. In January 2018, Facebook announced that it would make major changes to its news feed. “Bringing People Closer Together” was the title of the press release. Facebook wants to connect people to each other, using posts from friends and family. However, there is another trend on the platform, you can see more posts from Facebook pages and less from friends. This often results in an endless scroll session without of any useful interaction. Which thus results in a less positive user experience. Oh dear. People stop using Facebook. What’s next? This makes the alarm bells go off for Facebook. The changes implemented by Facebook during the next few months will have a positive effect on the use of Facebook by persons. For instance, posts from family and friends will become more important. But what will be the effect on the visibility of your business page for your followers? It will be extra important that followers will be active under your posts. What really works are posts which receive reactions, and posts followers want to share with friends. In this respect, you might consider: News from the salon with a personal touch Fun offers Live video in the salon Tips for keeping your "community" active The tactics behind the old model of just sending information, is outdated. It is better to regard your business page as a type of ‘community’. What fits this community? Facebook prefers images. Moving images are even better – which means videos. Live videos have the most effect. And are fun to make! Why not make a video while you are working on the latest nail art. Reviews are still the best possible means of advertising. Unfortunately, this is not a matter of waiting and seeing whether customers will post a review on your Facebook page. But of actively asking customers to write a review, for instance after an appointment or via a newsletter. Can’t you get around to it? With the Salonized salon software you can automatically sent the customer a review request after the appointment. The feedback tool also makes it very easy to respond to reviews. It goes without saying that the opportunity to schedule an appointment must be on your Facebook page. Facebook offers several call to action buttons which can be used; for instance, a Contact button or a Call-now button. Of course, the best option is the Book-now button. This forwards the customer to your online scheduler, so that they can schedule their appointment with you directly from your Facebook business page! Do you want to get started with reviews and an online schedule? Create a free trial account with Salonized. You can start immediately and our team is ready to assist.
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Networking, it's just like work.

May 21 comments

Networking is essential if you want your business to grow. I sometimes hear people saying 'I don't find my clients at networking meetings’ and I think that's a shame, because networking is always fruitful. The thing I like about networking is getting to know new people and meeting up with old acquaintances - and sharing experiences. Maybe you won't immediately find a new client, but you might meet people who can help you to gain more clients indirectly. Besides this, when you are networking you strike up friendships with other entrepreneurs so that you can help each other in all sorts of ways. For this reason, besides being fruitful, networking can also be fun. Preparation is half the battle. So prepare yourself properly. Make sure you know who will be attending and what questions you want to ask. It's a good idea to have 3 or 4 questions ready. And be sure to dress in such a way that you act as calling card for your business. So both you and your clothing should represent your business; if you have a chic salon, then don't wear jeans. Let your look be the look you want for your business. Networking meetings always have givers and takers. Don't go along with the idea that you are going to get something, but go there to give. That way you will achieve a different, better result. Because you always meet people who can help you in some way. Or maybe you have just the person they need to meet in your network. Helping people always pays back in the long run. You can present yourself to those around the table briefly and effectively with for example an elevator pitch or a power pitch. If people join the group around the table while you are in conversation, make sure you include them in the discussion. And if you prefer not to go alone, take someone with you. In that case you should talk about the other person's business; how you came to know about it and what your experience is. That is why it's also helpful if you give each other a treatment first, and give each other feedback. If the discussion is interesting, then take action. Give them your business card or connect on Linkedin. Because the real networking begins after the meeting. Hopefully you will have made a number of contacts, and now you can start building on relations. It is a good idea to send a short message straight away that evening to the people you met, saying that it was nice to meet them, and that you would like to meet up with them again sometime. Don't expect immediate results. You do it to give your business a broad, stable base. You gain a network of people who can act as sparring partners, who you can exchange ideas with, and share experiences with. You also get advice from other entrepreneurs. That way you have access to all sorts of support. And that way you grow as a business. This blog was written by our guest blogger Tom Sebastian.
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Making the most of word-of-mouth advertising: your own referral programme

May 03 comments

It is widely regarded as the most reliable source of information for making a choice: word-of-mouth recommendations from people you know. We like to base our choice of restaurant, city trip or salon on other people's experiences; they are reliable. A positive review or referral by a friend is also probably worth more to you than even the most promising advertising by the business itself. And that is how it is in the beauty branch as well - the best advertising comes from contented clients. A contented client is happy to talk to people they know about their good experience with your salon. In this blog we explain how you can make the best use of this. The first few months of the year are a particularly good time to start this form of marketing. Because all those New Year resolutions mean booming business for health centres and sports clubs, but they are often less 'booming' for salons. A boost for the quiet months Of course, the basis of a good referral programme (clients who introduce new clients) is happy, satisfied clients. Word-of-mouth publicity is free, but achieving it calls for plenty of effort on the part of you and the team. Because you will only manage to achieve this by offering every client the best possible service, time and time again. Once you have got this right you can set up your own referral programme. This makes it extra tempting for your clients to introduce people. The idea is simple. The first step: you think up a nice offer, for example a discount voucher. The second step: a client recommends your salon to a girlfriend and can give her a discount voucher for a particular amount to be spent on services. The third step: if the girlfriend uses the voucher in your salon your client who made the introduction receives a discount voucher for a particular product A service or a product? As you can see in the example, the new client receives a discount on a service and the existing client receives a discount on a product. Why do it that way round? You want to offer new clients a service; because they are more likely to come back than if you sell them a product. You can always buy a product somewhere else, but the service you offer is unique. Your existing client is already familiar with your services, of course, so you can offer them a nice discount on a product. It's possible that the client has never bought any products from your salon before, and this way you can attract their attention to the products that you sell. How do you start your referral programme? Naturally you should start by promoting your special offer or referral programme among your regular clients. You can tell them about it during an appointment. You could also promote your offer via an email. With the software from Salonized it is easy to send your clients an email or newsletter! Is launching a referral programme worth all the effort it takes? Absolutely. Because research has shown: clients who come along based on a recommendation keep coming back longer as a client. In addition word-of-mouth advertising is cheaper than acquiring new clients via any other channels, and it is much more reliable for new clients because the recommendation comes from a friend. Issuing newsletters is an easy, effective and personal way to keep in touch with your clients. Would you like to make a start? With our blog The perfect salon newsletter in 5 steps you can get started straight away! Influencer marketing The mass use of social media offers many opportunities in the area of referral marketing, because word-of-mouth advertising via social media has a much greater reach. Best of all is if you can get your satisfied client to talk about their experiences with your salon via social media, for example in the form of a review. What do we mean by a greater reach? You only have to think about the rise of influencer marketing. In the case of influencer marketing, a person who has many followers on social media such as Instagram (the "influencer") influences their followers' (your target group's) opinions, emotions and behaviour. This might be via a photo, video or blog about a particular service or product. This way you can quickly reach your target group. Below you will see an example for the cosmetics brand Babor. Naturally this is mainly done by major companies, but the idea is the same if you can enlist the help of your satisfied client on behalf of your salon as an “influencer”! Would you too like to get to work with salon software? Feel free to contact us to talk about the possibilities via the chat icon at the bottom of the page on the right. Or create a free trial account straight away, and discover all the possibilities of Salonized for yourself!
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Time management: how do you allocate your time?

May 03 comments

As the owner of a salon you need to wear a number of hats if your salon is to be successful. You are the owner, manager, marketing expert, you keep the book keeping up to date and on top of this your agenda is filled with appointments with clients and representatives. So it is important to organise your tasks, to allocate your time wisely and to manage your agenda. Otherwise you may find yourself torn between the demands of your business and private life, your home and the salon. Sometimes it can be difficult to ensure that you manage your salon, rather than becoming managed by your clients. So we would like to share a few tips, with the aim of achieving a healthy work-life balance! Tip 1: Stop “task-hopping” Unexpected occurrences are often impossible to prevent. The agenda that you drew up for the day in the morning may be knocked totally off course by all sorts of developments. Nevertheless you should always try to focus on doing one thing at a time. Because “hopping” from one task to another is very bad for your productivity. By constantly stopping to carry out smaller tasks (like answering the phone or your emails, or quickly placing an order with a supplier), the really important tasks never get done. Often these are tasks you would prefer to put off to another time. And the result is that you end up having to do them in your own free time. So - do you need to focus on an important task? Then switch off the phone! That way you will avoid being distracted by apps or social media. Tip 2: Preparation is everything Ask yourself for a moment which tasks keep coming back and cost you a lot of time. Doing the accounts, ordering stock, promotional activities (for example a nice newsletter) or bedding in a new member of staff? Make sure you structure these tasks, or even automate them if possible. You might start, for example, by automating your book keeping with a smart till system. With Salonized you can simply download all your transaction information for your book keeping once a month. Turnover, VAT, revenue per payment method; the system just pumps it all out for you. That saves you a lot of time because you no longer have to manually enter it into excel files. Besides this you might think about drawing up a digital handbook for new employees, containing all the standard things that need to be sorted out. This will prevent you forgetting things or having to deal with them in your free time. Because the same thing is true for many tasks: working at home is hard to resist, because it is always possible. And you're not the only one who thinks this, because your clients think so too. For example the clients that app you late in the evening to make an appointment. A better work-life balance will give you more peace of mind. An online agenda will mean that you don't spend your evenings sending WhatsApp messages to and fro with clients about when you have an empty time slot in your agenda. Tip 3: A tight timetable In truth you don't “sell” a facial or a manicure. You sell time. And, just like money, you can't afford to lose or waste any time. You can only use time. That is why it is important to use your time well, because if you don't do so it feels like wasted time. By way of an example, think about those 15 minute gaps between appointments. Although 15 minutes may not seem like much, just think about how much money that time is worth. It could add up to hundreds of euros per month. So you should take a few minutes each day to see what your agenda looks like for the next few days. Are there any 15 minute gaps between appointments? Then call your client and ask if it's possible to move the appointment by 15 minutes. Of course it is also possible to automate this. Within Salonized there is a special setting for your online agenda, which makes sure that clients can only make appointments that follow straight on from each other. This means that clients can only see times that dovetail neatly with other appointments. This produces a tight timetable, which in turn means more cash in your till! How much time do all your tasks take? Curious to find out how much time you spend on your various tasks (such as cleaning, marketing and book keeping) and how much time you spend on appointments? The new tasks function from Salonized makes it easy for you to keep track of tasks as well as appointments in your agenda. You enter a task in the agenda and then in the Reports you can see the precise share of your time that you have spent during each reporting period on "appointments with clients”, and “time spent on tasks”. Would you like to know how many hours you are really spending at present on tasks, besides your appointments with clients? The salon software from Salonized makes it easy for you to keep your timekeeping up to date and to obtain the information you need. Create a free trial account or contact us, free of obligation!
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3 essential cash register functions for salon owners

February 22 comments

Various concepts in the beauty industry have different needs. For some it is important to collect the data as complete as possible for the next appointment, for others the checkout should be smooth and without fuss because the next customer is already waiting. Nevertheless, there are a number of functionalities that simplify the daily administrative tasks of each payroll owner. Because if a lot is happening during a busy day in your salon, it is important to keep an overall view. That's why we've been working on our cash register system lately to make it more complete. One of the features we've added is the Cash Up. We think this is a necessary feature to run your salon effectively. Read more about this new functionality in this blog article about the 3 main elements of a cash register system! 1. Daily management A fast checkout flow When you pay in Salonized from the date in your calendar, it will ensure that all information is filled in automatically: the right customer, the service(s) and the employee are directly in the checkout. The current number of loyalty points in the checkout immediately shows whether the customer has already earned enough points, without having to think about the loyalty points card itself. This provides an extra personal customer experience. Inventory management 

To guarantee a prompt service and to avoid any disappointments, it is good to know in time which products are no longer in stock. Automatic stock management ensures that the stock of a product is automatically adjusted after a sale. This allows you to place new orders on time and you can see immediately how much you need to buy, without having to count every time. Gift vouchers 

Uncertainty about your gift vouchers - for example regarding the value or expiration date - is something you naturally want to avoid. This is annoying for you and the customer. That's why it's so handy if you can easily manage them in your cash register system. In Salonized you keep that desired overview; you sell them easily and look them up quickly during checkout. Per receipt you can see exactly what the (remaining) value is and what they have been used for. 2. Data reports Daily report One important daily action to keep track of incoming and outgoing cash is opening and closing the cash register. Thanks to our new feature, the Cash Up, after counting the cash register, a day closure report is automatically drawn up. This report shows exactly what went in and out of the cash register. Also, the expected numbers per payment method (cash, debit card, etc.) are compared with the actual numbers counted for coins and bills of exchange and the debit card printout. This way it makes a possible cash difference transparent. This is an important function to keep a tight grip on daily income and expenses. If you want more information on this, check this page. Financial reports The analysis of data is one of the keys to success. If you know how your company is doing, you can make better decisions. What are the most frequently booked treatments? What are the best-selling products? Which employee has achieved the most turnover? What was this month's performance compared to the same month last year? In the Salonized reports you will find all the answers to these questions. 3. Always access The benefits of cloud software (a program you don't need to install) are that you can access your account anytime, anywhere. You can watch how the day has gone by in the salon, but also from your home. If you work with a team and are not present on a day yourself, you can also log in from home to view the daily report. So, you are never bound to a specific computer or other device, a reassuring feeling! Do you want to try out the cash register and other Salonized features with no strings attached? You can do this by creating a free trial account on our website!
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How do you reward your loyal customers?

February 19 comments

They bring in more profit than new customers. Wouldn't it be clever to spoil them, cherish them and to pamper them - your loyal customers? So that they remain loyal customers for very, very long? And your salon stays profitable? Yeah, that makes sense... Even so, that circle of loyal customers often misses out at various kinds of companies. Companies try to lure in new customers with discounts, special offers, or gifts like receiving a tablet with your new newspaper subscription. But what does the regular customer think, who sees a deal only intended for new customers? Is her loyalty worth nothing? Isn't that loyalty worth an even better deal than you’d give to someone who you've "never done business with"? The idea of offering a new customer a better deal than an existing customer is not new. But, those who want loyal customers need to pamper them. Give attention, recognition and appreciation. That makes a regular customer feel loved. How? Discounts? Sometimes, but preferably not. You offer quality treatments and sell beautiful products for a good and fair price. Why wouldn't you support that fully? By frequently offering discounts, you're sending the message that the regular price is ‘too expensive’. Alongside that, a discount of 10 euros will cost you 10 euros when the figures are added up. Moreover, not everyone thinks of the price as a decisive factor. So, offering a discount is not necessarily the best way. A British study shows that 70% of the consumers prefer a loyalty programme based on “better service or services” over periodic discounts. A gift Giving a gift is much smarter than offering a discount. What would make you happier? A ten-euro bouquet of flowers, or a ten-euro bill to purchase your own flowers? You could give a gift in the form of an item, but it would be better to do so in the form of a service. That is a nice, direct way of introducing your customer to a treatment that they normally don't book, like the plucking of the eyebrows accompanying a manicure, for example. This offers the chance that your client will book both services next time around! Exclusivity You can give privileges to regular customers that other customers don't have. For example, priority at the most-requested times in your schedule. Or an invitation to a VIP-night, where you sell products from your assortment with a discount. Are you offering a new service? Send a newsletter to your best customers with an introduction to the new service. If you use an online schedule, you can immediately add a ‘book now’ button. Involve your customer A customer feels valued if you ask for her opinion. Ask for feedback on new products or treatments. You can do this, for example, a few days after the appointment via e-mail. This feedback can be used to make your services even better! A discount after all? If you decide to use discounts, for new customers for example, look at these tips: You can turn it around and motivate the customer to immediately plan a next visit to your salon by offering a discount on the next appointment, instead of a discount on the first appointment. In a barbershop, you can offer your customer the opportunity to stop by for free to trim her bangs. Only offer a discount if you get something in return. For example, the subscription to a newsletter, a new follower on your Instagram or Facebook profiles, or if someone reaches a certain sum paid. Loyalty programme A loyalty system is a nice way of binding regular customers to you, and to easily stay in contact with your best customers. Using Salonized, you can filter your customer database on customers with loyalty points, or even with a specific amount of points. Subsequently, you can easily send personalised e-mails to those customers, to remind them of their credits and to use them in some manner. Do you want to know more about our loyalty system and the possibilities of our software? Take a look at our blog, including tips for your loyalty programme, or contact us, no strings attached!
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Small effort, high impact: discover the benefits of your own review page

May 16 comments

Reviews are everywhere these days, and becoming a more important factor in the way we make decisions online. No matter if you are looking for a nice restaurant or a new washing machine the internet is full of reviews. Consulting reviews before buying something has become a common consumer behaviour. Your potential clients will read reviews online before they decide to book an appointment at a hairdresser or beauty salon. People are even willing to travel for a couple of hours to visit the salon with the best reviews. In this article you will learn more about the impact of online reviews and how you can increase your sales with your own online review page. Let's start of with some facts: Research shows that 88% of people read reviews to determine the quality of a local business 72% of people have more trust in a local company with positive reviews Also 88% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations (source) These numbers show that you will miss out on many potential customers if you do not use your customer reviews effectively How your own online review page positively affects your business Reviews increase trust Customer experiences on your website provide a sneak peak in your salon’s kitchen. Potential customers can quickly determine if your service suits to their wishes. Of course positive reviews are great since they increase customer’s trust in your salon. However, also the more negative reviews will positively influence your salon’s image. In the end nobody is perfect and by showing negative reviews people will consider your review page to be more trustworthy. By providing a professional comment underneath the review, you show you listen to your customers and take their feedback seriously. More reviews means more online appointments Once a potential customer has read some reviews on your salon website they will most likely want to learn more. Therefore, they will feel more engaged with your salon and the chance they will make an online booking via your online booking form increases. You are fully in control There are many review platforms available. A benefit of these platforms is that they can help you reach potential customers. A con on the other hand is that these platforms do not promote your salon free of charge. In most cases you pay extra money to be presented more prominently or you pay a fee for each new customer acquired via the platform. With your own review page you will never run into hidden or unexpected costs and you have full control over the reviews presented. Only those people who really visited your salon will be able to leave a review. Get to know you customers Online reviews are a great way to get valuable insights for your marketing strategy. When you discover a correlation between people who are extremely happy with your service and women between 21 and 35 years old, you know this is your target audience. Learn what they love and what you can do better and share these selling points with the right audience in your next Facebook or Instagram message. Awesome! You now discovered the benefits of your own review page. Now let’s put everything into action. 4 tips to optimize your online review page 1. Don't be afraid to publish negative reviews Our online review page allows you to manage which reviews will be published online. So it can be tempting to only publish your positive reviews. Nevertheless, you should consider providing a mix of negative and positive reviews on your website. By showing you have nothing to hide people will perceive your review page as a more realistic representation of your salon. 2. Don’t quit after 10 reviews The more the better. A review score of 4.8 out of 5 stars is a great signal that people are happy with your service. But it is important if this score is built on 2 or 2000 reviews. The more reviews the more reliable your rating becomes. The more people trust your rating is reliable the more affect your positive rating will have on their demand to make a booking. 3. Respond to all your negative reviews We already mentioned the importance of publishing negative reviews. Always respond to each negative review. This is a great way to spin something negative into something really positive. In your comment you can show you listen to customer feedback and you give customers an example of your customer-friendly attitude. 4. Create a super easy feedback loop Strike while the iron is hot. Our software automatically sends a feedback request a couple of hours after a customer had an appointment at your salon. A customer can easily leave feedback when their experience is still fresh in their memory. Because the hurdle is low a customer will be very likely to leave positive feedback. Via the opt-in button they can easily grant permission to publish their review online. Discover the power and ease of your own review page with Salonized salon software Are your clients also your biggest fans and would you love to share their positive reviews with other potential customers? Try Salonized for free, collect your first valuable customer reviews today and discover the other benefits free of obligation.