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20 Employees or more? Contact our sales team.

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  • All Basic features
  • All Appointments features
  • Automatic waiting list
  • Rebook reminder
  • Newsletter campaigns
  • Last-minute discounts
  • Online discount codes
  • Customer segmenting
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Marketing insights


20 Employees or more? Contact our sales team.

Team members

  • All Appointments features
  • Treatment reports
  • Cash register
  • Online payments
  • Waiting list
  • Online review tool
  • Stock management
  • Financial insights and reports


20 Employees or more? Contact our sales team.

Team members

  • Online calendar
  • Online bookings
  • Automated reminders
  • Client Management
  • Google Calendar integration
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel any time?

Yes. We offer a monthly subscription fee that allows you to cancel at any time. No cancellation fee charged.

Are there any long-term contracts that I need to sign?

No. We don’t believe in long term contracts. We only want happy customers. Therefore, you can unsubscribe at any moment. Your subscription will end directly at the end of the period you paid for.

Are there costs for setting up my account?

There are zero start-up costs at Salonized.

Can I import my data from an older program I’m using?

Yes. If you are currently working with another (salon) software package, you can easily import your customer database and product lists into your Salonized account. We would be happy to assist you.

Do I require any special hardware or software to use Salonized?

The only requirement for using Salonized is a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, and an internet connection. We don’t deliver special hardware such as a receipt printer, barcode scanner or cash register, but we are happy to give you advice about suitable hardware.

Is my data secure?

Yes, the Salonized database is separated from the regular internet and only our application has access to the database. We frequently make a backup to prevent the loss of data. Also, we would never access your data or give data to third parties without your permission.

How can I reach your helpdesk if I have any questions or need assistance?

You can contact our support team via:

  • Telephone (+44) 020-38082370 during office hours.
  • Chat (icon in the bottom right of our website and app).
  • Email (

Are there any extra costs besides the monthly subscription?

Apart from the monthly subscription cost, it is optional to buy SMS credits. These are used to send automatic reminders to customers before their appointment. The cost varies based on the amount of credits purchased:

  • 50 - 999 credits @ €0,15 per credit.
  • 1000 - 2499 credits @ €0,13 per credit.
  • 2500 - 9999 credits @ €0,11 per credit.

For example, if you buy 200 credits, you will pay €30 (200x0,15).

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