Product features

Hair salon upgrading their advertising. Salon marketing software helps you grow your business.

Welcome customers back more often

Increase sales with newsletters

Cover last-minute cancellations with a waiting list

Attract new clients, get more bookings, get loyal customers

Build a community with newsletter campaigns

Building a loyal community is an important part of any marketing strategy. Open and regular communication is essential for this, as well as a trustworthy tool for newsletter building.

Get more returning customers

Regular customers are loyal customers. Increase the chances of bringing them back by sending an automated reminder to book their next appointment at your salon.

Segment customers with filters

Create customer groups and make each of them feel special. We created filters so that you can categorise and find specific groups in your customer base in a quick and easy way.

Build promotion campaigns with online discount codes

Do you have an idea for a promotion? Go for it by using a discount code - simply choose a discount rate, a fun discount code name and watch those online bookings come in.

Reduce empty spots with last-minute discounts

A discounted booking is better than no booking at all! Offer a last-minute discount when the time is approaching but the slot hasn’t been filled yet. You are in control: you choose the percentage and the time period it should be applied to.

An opening freed up? Mail your client on the waiting list

Don't miss out on appointments. Our (automatic) waitlist ensures that every available slot goes directly to another customer. This keeps your salon fully booked and your customers satisfied.

Salon Marketing that works for you

Salonized is designed to help you save time and make sure you contact the right clients at the right time.

Get returning customers with the rebook reminder

Send personalised newsletters

Filter specific customer segments

Offer discount codes and last-minute discounts

Allow your customers to sign up for the waiting list

Understand how your marketing efforts help you improve with insights

Setting up your account takes just a minute

Advanced yet easy. Extensive and flexible. Salonized is designed for teams and for individuals.

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