Product features

Salon client walks in salon on time. Salon CRM software lets you create a great customer experience.

Send appointment reminders automatically

Grow your sales with loyalty programs

Digitize your paper forms

All your client information in one place

Build paperless client profiles

Know your clients in detail with our salon client administration. All important information such as payment and visitor history is automatically collected in one complete overview.

Make your service personal

Clients are at the heart of every salon business. Personalise your customer experience by capturing before/after photos, notes and consultation forms. Always linked to your customer.

Build client loyalty

Reward your clients with a loyalty program and tailor your rewards to their needs. Get customers coming back with our salon CRM system.

Build promotion campaigns with online discount codes

Do you have an idea for a promotion? Go for it by using a discount code - simply choose a discount rate, a fun discount code name and watch those online bookings come in.

Keep your customers loyal

Lift your customer administration to the next level and bring a personal touch to your service.

Save before and after photos

Get customer feedback automatically

Client loyalty program

Clients can book an appointment 24/7

Personalised birthday wishes

Digital consultation forms

Setting up your account takes just a minute

Advanced yet easy. Extensive and flexible. Salonized is designed for teams and for individuals.

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