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24/7 availability

Great experience

More bookings

Meet our revolutionary booking widget

Did you know that 52% of customers book after business hours? Get more bookings without lifting a finger by letting customers book directly online.

Prevent no-shows

Choose to collect pre-payment or deposit when clients book online. Automatically confirm the appointment to your customer by email.

Great customer experience

Make it easy for your clients to book the right service with their preferred employee online, via your website, Facebook or Google.

Online bookings directly with Reserve with Google

Customers can now directly book online while searching on Google for your salon or hairdresser near me’. More than 120,000 searches like these happen in the Netherlands every month. Make your salon easily bookable for these potential customers.

Setting up your account takes just a minute

Advanced yet easy. Extensive and flexible. Salonized is designed for teams and for individuals.

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