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Advanced calendar

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Prevent Double Bookings

In our advanced calendar you can manage various resources. Not only can you manage the availability of your staff, but also the availability of other resources such as “treatment rooms” and “equipment”. The system automatically calculates the best available times and you will never end up with double booked employees, treatment rooms or equipment.

Schedule DUO treatments

Do you have bookings that require two staff members at the same time? Simply create DUO treatments and Salonized automatically finds the availability of multiple staff members. This also applies to online bookings.

Set availability for each resource

If necessary, you can also set the availability per resource (staff, treatment room, equipment). This allows you to make specific treatments only bookable at specific times or days.

Online appointments connected to your calendar

When customers book online, the system automatically picks the right resource for each service you select for an appointment. The system even shows available times that is connected to your schedule. Clients can book online with ease. This feature saves a lot of time and ensures a great customer experience.

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