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7 tips for an effective loyalty program for your salon!

January 12, 2016 — Jorrit Last modified on November 08, 2019

Who doesn’t take advantage of loyalty programs? What about your supermarkt loyalty card or the loyalty points you get at a specific store to save for services or products. So why don’t you start a loyalty program for your customers? Take advantage of our Salonized loyalty points system and your customers will receive loyalty points with each treatment, so they can save up for another treatment or product at your salon. The result? Customer loyalty and an increase in sales.

Often we put emphasis on getting new customers, but did you know that existing customers spend nearly 70% more than new customers? Therefore, it is important to pay extra attention to your current customers. This is easy and quickly realized with the Salonized loyalty points system.

7 tips for an effective loyalty program in your salon!


1. Keep it simple

In your Salonized you can choose on the Loyalty program page how you want to assign the points. Remember, no complicated constructions, but keep it simple. For example 1 point per treatment or 1 point for every € 10,- spent. Transparency for the customer and fewer questions for you.

2. Keep your customers informed

With Salonized the customer can see the number of points earned on the invoice. However, research has shown that it is important to regularly inform customers about the program. They will be more likely to make a new appointment. That is why with Salonized it is possible to filter clients on the number of loyalty points they have earned. This way you can send targeted mailing.

3. Give small and big rewards

Not all customers are the same. One customer wants to save for a treatment, while another customer is happy with a product for less loyalty points. Provide a varied program so all customers are encouraged to save.

4. Reward word of mouth

Let your customers work for you by offering loyalty points for bringing in new customers. You can even choose to reward loyalty points to the new customer as well. Good for business and good for current and new customers.

5. Fill your quiet days with loyalty points specials

Sometimes you have days when only 70% of your day is booked. It is a shame to not fill up the remaining 30%. You can solve this, for example, with a special promotion where loyalty points are worth twice as much on that specific day. You can do this via SMS, a newsletter or on your Facebook page.

6. Reward VIP customers

Reward the customers who visit your salon often for their loyalty. For example, invite your top 10 customers, who have saved up the most loyalty points, to a special evening where they get exclusive treatments.

7. Everyone participates

A successful loyalty program is supported by everyone who works at the salon. Your employees can tell the customers everything about the loyalty points program and encourage their enthusiasm. So make sure they are up to speed when it comes to your loyalty program, why do you have the program and what are the benefits for the customers.

Do you need help with our new Loyalty Program? Do not hesitate to contact us. We love helping you.

Jorrit Boumann

Founder Salonized

Jorrit is one of the founders of Salonized. He likes a joke, a beer and PSV. He also knows everything there is to know about online marketing and is happy to share this knowledge with you.

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