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Advanced possibilities of the online calendar of Salonized

October 07, 2016 — Amber Last modified on October 11, 2016

In our previous blog post we talked about the possibility of creating a unique link to a specific treatment which can be booked instantly. The customer does not look for treatments on the entire booking widget, but can immediately choose a date and time for a preselected treatment. We received so many responses that it deserves its own article! Therefore, you can read all about online scheduling software for selected treatments here and get your own links in an instant.

Why do you want this? You can use it to set up, for example, a "book-now" button at a specific treatment on your website. Or for a Facebook Ad. But also for offers that can be booked up to a certain date.

Pre-selected treatments with online scheduling software

When would you use this option?

The preselected treatment is the option you would use when you want the customer to be able to directly select a date and time through a book-now button for a particular service.

How do you make this link?

To make the link, you need two pieces of information:

  • Your unique online booking link

Go to Online Bookings in Salonized, open the tab "Facebook-button" and the link at the bottom of this page. In this example:

  • The code of the service:

Go to admin > services > click on the service > copy the number of the service from the address bar.

choose service

You have two options to make the selected service:

  • The service is selected and the customer goes directly to the screen to select a date and time.

  • The customer can first see which treatment is selected and uses the "continue" option on the screen to select a date and time.

A preselected treatment: directly to the date + time


The number in the link is the number of the service. You come directly to the screen to select a date and time for the selected treatment.

skip services example

A pre-sorted handling: customer first will see the chosen treatment


At this link you fill out the appropriate service code in two places. In this case, you first have a segment for the selected service, before choosing a date and time.

selected service example

You build your own advanced links the same way using our salon software. You can copy the links below to use as an example and to be completed with your own company name and service number.

A treatment that books to a specific date

Want to use salon software to promote a treatment that books to a certain date? Then you can make it a unique link. You can use this for example for an action through Groupon, a seasonal treatment or when you want to fill an empty week in the calendar with services for a cheaper rate.

In this example, the service indicated can be booked online from November 5th until November 30th.

min and max date example

You build your own link like this:


You can also use minDate=yyyy/mm/dd

Using the advanced option for a Facebook Ad

You can use advanced options for a Facebook Ad. Do you have a quiet month in the salon? Want to promote a new treatment with a "try-out" rate?

In this case, then offer an additional service at a promotional price. Use your Facebook ad then one of the advanced options, for example, the link with a latest date for customers to book by.

Facebook ad salon

Want to learn more about advertising on Facebook? Read all about it in our blog: Advertising on Facebook: create an ad for your salon.

Amber Korfage

Head of Product

We call Amber ‘Miss Salonized’. This is because she has held a number of different functions within the business and she knows all the secrets of the salon software system and more! All her experience has made her the perfect candidate for her current role as Product Manager, keeping you informed of all the latest Salonized developments.

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