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Salonized then and now: the experience of one of our most loyal clients

November 29, 2019 — Jennifer

Since the first version of Salonized in 2015 we’ve been continuously working on improving the software and aligning it with the needs of our clients. We’ve added a lot of new features, like the cash register, feedback page, daily cash up and our newest addition: recurring appointments. With all this innovation our new goal was to make our website and software even more accessible for our future clients. That’s why we have launched a new website and a brand new look to our software!

After a couple of really successful years we thought it would be fitting to look back at where we started, by interviewing one of our first clients: Peggy! She’s been using Salonized for her salon Peggy’s Haircreations since 2015 and is still a loyal client. We spoke to her about the developments of the last couple of years and what Salonized means to her.

Peggy got to know our software through her daughter. They were looking for an easy to use system for her hair salon. After trying out a couple of programs she eventually chose Salonized, because Peggy felt that the software what nice to work with, even for someone that doesn’t have a lot of knowledge about computers. It was easy for her to switch from a paper calendar to Salonized.

Before she used an online system to keep track of her appointments she used a paper calendar and customer records on paper as well. She told us that Salonized has saved her a lot of time the last couple of years. You can print reports easily and she found that changing her calendar is way easier in Salonized than on paper.

"The salon world has changed, but technology can’t take over the power of working with your hands yet"

According to her, Salonized distinguishes itself from other salon software because of the price and the factor that it’s so easy to use. If she has a problem there’s always customer support to fall back on. She stated that she had great support with the activation of her account. Other programs that Peggy has tried where mostly in English without any other language settings, which made it more difficult for her. The features that she uses the most and that are a favorite are the calendar and stock page. She books in her appointments with ease because new features are added frequently, which makes the process even more streamlined. The recurring appointments feature is an example of this.

The salon business has changed the last couple of years. Social media has become more important to promote and grow your business. Peggy rightly told us that technology can’t take over the power of working with your hands yet. Personal interactions are and always will be really important in this sector! Would you like to know more about how you can use social media for your salon? In these blogposts we provide you with some tips on how to use your Facebook and Instagram business page to your advantage.

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Jennifer Brunek

Growth Marketeer

Jennifer literally skated into our offices – on her skateboard – as an intern, ready to grow her skills. She is now part of our Support and Growth Team and she has a wealth of experiences in online marketing to share with you.

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