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Hack the Treatwell algorithm with this checklist and boost your ranking

June 23, 2023 — Amber Last modified on September 19, 2023

You may have already had your own page on Treatwell through Salonized for some time now. But how can you ensure that bookings come pouring in? With our checklist! We have some smart hacks for you that will boost your visibility on the Treatwell platform. This way, you can start receiving new bookings and hopefully gain new (loyal) customers for your salon in no time.

The more items you check off the checklist, the greater the chance of getting new bookings. So, grab your Treatwell profile and get started!

✅ Checklist to improve your ranking in Treatwell's algorithm

  1. Publish at least 10 reviews on Treatwell from Salonized (for Salonized Basic and Pro users)
  2. Choose online payments as a payment method as well
  3. Provide opening hours of at least 24 hours per week
  4. Ensure you have your own salon photos (horizontal and no stock photos)
  5. Write an appealing and detailed salon description
  6. Communicate to your clients that they can book online
  7. Offer discounts on treatments to increase visibility (for Salonized Pro users)
  8. Ensure your lead time in Salonized is less than 1 hour

📣 A further explanation of the checklist

1️⃣ The most significant boost in the Treatwell algorithm comes from your reviews. You can utilize your Salonized reviews through the feedback page in Salonized. When customers first look at your Treatwell page, reviews (especially recent ones) play the most crucial role as they base their decision on them. Encourage your existing clients to leave a review after their appointment to build trust with new customers.

Our latest system update allows you to publish your previous reviews all at once on your Treatwell profile, and from now on, all new reviews will be automagically synchronized! 🪄

2️⃣ Treatwell has in-salon payments as the default option. With Salonized, you can choose online payments as a payment method. We recommend enabling this option, as it is a powerful tool against no-shows. By choosing online payments, you can request a deposit, increasing the likelihood of clients showing up for their appointments.

3️⃣ Ensure that your schedule, particularly the opening hours in Salonized, is well-maintained. The more hours you are available, the greater the chance that the Treatwell filter will match the time slot with the client's search. To improve your ranking in Treatwell, it is advisable to make yourself available for bookings for a minimum of 24 hours per week.

It is crucial that your schedule in Salonized is accurate and that you have filled in your availability. The more availability you offer, the greater the chance that the Treatwell filter will display your page for the desired time slot of the client. No availability means no bookings.

4️⃣ +5️⃣ A picture is worth a thousand words. Providing an ambiance impression of your salon helps customers choose your salon, increasing the chances of a booking. Please send us professional horizontal photos of your salon (or temporary stock photos as a solution) along with a detailed description of yourself and your salon.

6️⃣ Did you know that an average of 40% of bookings is made outside of opening hours? Ensure that clients can book online with you by sharing the link to your Treatwell page and/or Salonized booking widget on your website, social media, and emails. Make it as visible and clear as possible for the client so that they don't have to search. This way, customers can easily book online 24/7, which is ideal for those who book in the evening (or for customers with call anxiety).

This also ensures that you won't be distracted by phone calls during treatments, allowing you to focus on what you excel at: providing the treatments!

7️⃣ If you have a Pro subscription with Salonized, you can also start offering discounts, which will definitely give you that extra push in the Treatwell algorithm. Here are a few examples of how to make discount codes work in your favor:

  1. Offer a discount to clients making their first appointment. Once they're inside, it's your moment to shine and get them excited for a follow-up appointment.
  2. If you have periodic quiet moments in the salon, take advantage of variable pricing. You can set a discount for a quiet moment. This hack provides an immediate boost to your Treatwell ranking.
  3. Utilize last-minute discounts. This is your last resort to fill a recently canceled time slot as quickly as possible.

8️⃣ Ensure that your lead time, the time frame in which an online appointment can be made relative to when it takes place, is less than 1 hour in your Salonized environment. Go to Settings in your account ➝ Online Appointments ➝ Agenda Management ➝ 'Minimum time between making the appointment and the start time.'

Grab the checklist and start hacking the Treatwell algorithm so that you can quickly reap the many benefits of the integration and climb to the top of the ranking.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our support team ☎️. You can send a chat message by clicking on the green button at the bottom right. Or give us a call at +31 20-8932386.

If you prefer a demo with one of our colleagues to go through everything you've read in this blog together, schedule your online one-on-one call here.

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