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Introducing the Revamped Pro plan: A Makeover to Fuel your Passion

May 31, 2023 — Amber Last modified on June 06, 2023

“New Pro, who dis?"

Dear Salonized partners,

A year ago we launched Pro to help you build more meaningful relationships with your clients. Today, thousands of salon owners are making good use of Pro's features, making it our fastest-growing plan. And that's not all - we're thrilled to see how our Pro partners are succeeding, even in the face of inflation and competition. In fact, our data shows that partners using Pro are 10 times less likely to go out of business compared to those who don't.

And while Pro has become invaluable to many of you, we have only scratched the surface of what Pro can do to assist you. Today, we are excited to announce a major refresh to our Salonized Pro Plan, including new features and exclusive benefits to enhance your experience.

So, what’s new in Salonized Pro?

In addition to all the possibilities available in Pro plan today, here’s what we’re bringing to Pro:

New Features

  • Free rooms & equipments: You can now manage as many rooms and equipment as you need, without extra cost. Ideal for managing treatments in separate rooms, treatments that require additional equipment, or both.
  • Automated forms: Yes, you can now send forms automatically after booking, saving you hours of manual work a year, so why not use that time to book more treatments?
  • Conditional online payments: This will allow you to set conditions for when clients can pay online, such as the service they've booked or the time of their appointment.
  • Automated birthday campaigns: Boost customer loyalty without breaking a sweat with automatic birthday campaigns sent ahead of your client’s big day!
  • (Coming soon) New email templates: Keep your clients in the loop with brand-new, sleek, and professional email templates for X, Y, Z and more!
  • (Coming soon) Personalized onboarding session: Start your journey with us on the right foot, with a custom-tailored session that helps you get to grips with our platform.

New! Club Benefits

Next to all these new features, we are opening the Make Work Beautiful Club, a partner program that will launch July 1 and which will be available for all Pro plan users.

  • Free access to masterclasses and workshops with industry experts: Level up your skills and knowledge with our expert-led masterclasses.
  • Early access to new content and resources to run your salon (trends, templates, and more): Get ahead of the competition with the latest trends and resources at your fingertips.
  • Enter trade show ticket raffles: Win tickets to industry trade shows and expand your horizons.

All this comes at just €52.50 per month, with an additional €7.50 per month per employee. The best part? Rooms and equipment are now completely free, so you can save even more.

Let's make your work beautiful, together.

Your Salonized Team.


When will the new features be available?

While some features are live for all Pro plan users already, others will be rolled out over the next few weeks. Club benefits will be available from July 2023 onwards. In addition, more features and benefits will be rolled out throughout 2023 for Pro. So stay tuned!

I am a Pro plan user, what will happen to the current Pro plan?

The current Pro plan will be replaced by the new Pro plan as of you can lock your current price if you switch to yearly billing before July 1, 2023.

I am a Pro plan user, what will happen to my subscription?

Your subscription will automatically be moved to the new Pro Plan as of July 1, 2023 and will come into effect on the next invoice after that date.

Are the new features exclusive to the Pro Plan?

Yes, the new features and benefits are exclusive to the Pro Plan, complementing the existing features to provide you with a comprehensive salon management tool.

I am a Pro plan user, but I never had an onboarding session, can I request one?

Of course! We will make onboarding sessions available for anyone in Pro starting in July 2023. You will receive an email as soon as the service is available.

Why has the Pro plan increased in price?

Most of the new and existing features in the plan, such as automated forms and email templates, require more power and resources to send and receive all communication without any problems between salons and clients. This increase will allow us to keep improving the plan even further, so that you can focus on providing excellent treatments to your clients.

Do you have questions about the new Pro Plan?

Give us a call via (+44) 116 326 3231, contact us via email on or send us a chat via your account or the website.

Amber Provoost

Content Marketing Lead

Amber loves 90's dance classics, craft beers and radiant light shows. As part of the Growth Marketing team, she likes to inspire you through captivating copy and loves to share all her knowledge with you on her blogs.

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