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How do you reward your loyal customers?

February 19, 2019 — Jennifer Last modified on November 08, 2019

They bring in more profit than new customers. Wouldn't it be clever to spoil them, cherish them and to pamper them - your loyal customers? So that they remain loyal customers for very, very long? And your salon stays profitable? Yeah, that makes sense…

Even so, that circle of loyal customers often misses out at various kinds of companies. Companies try to lure in new customers with discounts, special offers, or gifts like receiving a tablet with your new newspaper subscription. But what does the regular customer think, who sees a deal only intended for new customers? Is her loyalty worth nothing? Isn't that loyalty worth an even better deal than you’d give to someone who you've "never done business with"?

The idea of offering a new customer a better deal than an existing customer is not new. But, those who want loyal customers need to pamper them. Give attention, recognition and appreciation. That makes a regular customer feel loved. How?

loyality customers


Sometimes, but preferably not. You offer quality treatments and sell beautiful products for a good and fair price. Why wouldn't you support that fully? By frequently offering discounts, you're sending the message that the regular price is ‘too expensive’. Alongside that, a discount of 10 euros will cost you 10 euros when the figures are added up.

Moreover, not everyone thinks of the price as a decisive factor. So, offering a discount is not necessarily the best way.

A British study shows that 70% of the consumers prefer a loyalty programme based on “better service or services” over periodic discounts.

A gift

Giving a gift is much smarter than offering a discount. What would make you happier? A ten-euro bouquet of flowers, or a ten-euro bill to purchase your own flowers? You could give a gift in the form of an item, but it would be better to do so in the form of a service. That is a nice, direct way of introducing your customer to a treatment that they normally don't book, like the plucking of the eyebrows accompanying a manicure, for example. This offers the chance that your client will book both services next time around!



You can give privileges to regular customers that other customers don't have. For example, priority at the most-requested times in your schedule. Or an invitation to a VIP-night, where you sell products from your assortment with a discount. Are you offering a new service?

Send a newsletter to your best customers with an introduction to the new service. If you use an online schedule, you can immediately add a ‘book now’ button.

loyality customers

Involve your customer

A customer feels valued if you ask for her opinion. Ask for feedback on new products or treatments. You can do this, for example, a few days after the appointment via e-mail. This feedback can be used to make your services even better!

A discount after all?

If you decide to use discounts, for new customers for example, look at these tips:

  • You can turn it around and motivate the customer to immediately plan a next visit to your salon by offering a discount on the next appointment, instead of a discount on the first appointment. In a barbershop, you can offer your customer the opportunity to stop by for free to trim her bangs.

  • Only offer a discount if you get something in return. For example, the subscription to a newsletter, a new follower on your Instagram or Facebook profiles, or if someone reaches a certain sum paid.

Loyalty programme

A loyalty system is a nice way of binding regular customers to you, and to easily stay in contact with your best customers. Using Salonized, you can filter your customer database on customers with loyalty points, or even with a specific amount of points. Subsequently, you can easily send personalised e-mails to those customers, to remind them of their credits and to use them in some manner. Do you want to know more about our loyalty system and the possibilities of our software? Take a look at our blog, including tips for your loyalty programme, or contact us, no strings attached!

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