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Product overview second half of 2020

January 08, 2021 — Amber

A new year has begun, which is a perfect time to look back at the past six months of a remarkable 2020. Previously, we wrote about the feature updates implemented in the first half of 2020, the welcoming of new colleagues, the online sale of gift cards and, last but not least, our pride and joy: the online booking widget.

This summer we started getting used to the bizarre situation we find ourselves in worldwide and launched some new projects. Some were retrieved from our idea box and others were brand new. Currently we are developing new and cool features for which multiple teams have been working together for a guaranteed success! We always (proudly) keep you updated about our Salonized ins and outs. Might you have missed something anyways, I advise you to keep reading. In this blog we will catch up on the past half a year.

New assets

It’s raining Salonizers! Since August we’ve hired as many as 7 new employees!

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Thomas & Sina for team Germany

Salonized goes international! This year we have extended our borders and therefore we have hired two German champs. In August, Thomas started off as Country Manager to ensure the success of our company in Germany. In December, Sina reinforced the team as Customer Success Manager, helping out all our German customers.

Bas & Arianna for Support

Our customer support is highly valued by our customers and we want to preserve its quality. Therefore, Bas and Arianna joined the team to answer all your burning questions.

Francisco, Joan & Luiz

Francisco traded the sunny Argentina for an internship at Salonized. In his research for the Growth Marketing team, he investigates the advantages Salonized may present in Spanish speaking countries. Software engineers Joan and Luiz are great assets to the Development team. Together with the team, they aim at elevating the software to a higher level.

New in Salonized

New year, new design

The past year was characterized by the new software design. Little by little we are converting the current features to the new design, allowing you to get acquainted with it at an appropriate speed. So far we have been receiving positive feedback from our users on the new adjustments. It’s always exciting to implement such big changes and therefore we (and especially our designer Nick) are tremendously happy with these positive reactions. Stay tuned because also 2021 will be entirely devoted to the new design.

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Multi locations account

This year we’ve been fine-tuning a new type of account: the Multi Location account. This account allows you to manage different locations in one system. It enables you to manage your customer base centrally, while easily switching between locations when making appointments. So say goodbye to the messiness of multiple accounts and multiple customer bases.

Customize appointment confirmations according to the service

Our idea box is regularly emptied and we evaluate which ideas can be developed. One of these great ideas is the option to customize appointment confirmations according to the services. This allows you to, depending on the service, add relevant information to the confirmation e-mail like specific instructions. This additional information can be added to the e-mail templates. Are you interested in setting this up for your current services? Read the steps in this help article.

Tips & Tricks

Our aim is to help you manage your salon as smoothly as possible. Our software goes a long way in achieving this goal. In the field of marketing and finance, however, we like to reach out for the help of our webinar friend Tom Sebastian. The past few months we have given four webinars with him, which were all a big success. All webinars were dedicated to managing your salon in COVID times.

Coming up next

Google Reserve

This project is the most exciting of all! Earlier this year we released a teaser on which we received really positive reactions. And the definitive launch is closing in! We’ve officially handed the project over to Google and now it’s only a matter of time before Google will approve it and we can start the implementation of Google Reserve! We’ll keep you posted!

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Curious about all Salonized ins and outs? Keep an eye on our Product Updates page to always be up to date about all our great projects.

Amber Provoost

Content Lead

Amber loves 90's dance classics, craft beers and radiant light shows. As part of the Growth Marketing team, she likes to inspire you through captivating copy and loves to share all her knowledge with you on her blogs.

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