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This is how you use Instagram successfully for your salon

September 24, 2019 — Jennifer Last modified on November 08, 2019

Where the number of Facebook users seems to be decreasing, Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms of the moment. Would you like to attract more customers to your salon and do you notice that Facebook is not giving you enough yet? With a business Instagram account of your salon you can easily reach your target group.

Don't know exactly where to start? We give you tips to make your Instagram a success!

Visual focus

On Instagram it's all about posting pictures. Research has shown that photos and videos will keep potential clients more engaged than text. You can use this to your advantage by posting good quality photos of your salon, your treatments or products.

Make it personal!

People like someone on their feed that they can identify themselves with. You can do this in various ways, such as filming yourself on Instagram Stories or IGTV. That way you can give your followers tips or keep them informed of the latest developments in your salon. It could be fun to post a picture of your team, so your followers can get an idea of who works at your salon.


In addition to keeping your current followers up to date, you naturally also want to attract more potential customers. People can come across your new post by using hashtags in the description of your Instagram post. This way you ensure that people who are interested in those topics see your post and this can lead to new followers. With hashtags it is important that they match the topic you address with your post.

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Advertising on Instagram

If you are already doing this, the next step is to promote your posts. For a certain amount per day, Instagram can promote your post to people who are similar to your current followers or to a self-selected target group. This way new followers will increase and you can then interest them with your posts about your treatments. You will eventually attract more customers!

Call to action

If you want new followers to actually make an appointment with you, you can add the Salonized booking widget to your bio on Instagram. You can easily add the link for your online booking widget via the settings. In this way, potential customers not only stay on your Instagram page but they will actually turn into a new customer!

Would you like to discover the benefits of a direct booking link on your Instagram page for your clients and followers? Try Salonized for free for 14 days!

Jennifer Brunek

Growth Marketeer

Jennifer literally skated into our offices – on her skateboard – as an intern, ready to grow her skills. She is now part of our Support and Growth Team and she has a wealth of experiences in online marketing to share with you.

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