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The 3 advantages for your salon to be bookable online

September 23, 2021 — Amber

Do you want to receive new bookings in your calendar? Then make sure you are bookable online. One of the advantages is that you can even receive new bookings while sleeping. Discover the 3 other advantages of making your calendar available online.

1. Calling is no longer necessary

Calling the salon for an appointment can be a barrier for some people. Especially the younger generation. By posting your availability on your website, you tackle this problem and spend less time taking calls.

2. Available 24/7 for online bookings

The second advantage of online bookings is that your customers are no longer bound by your opening hours to book an appointment. So your clients can book an appointment day or night. And that automatically means more bookings!

3. Fewer no-shows in the salon

One thing we can all agree on as salon owners is the annoyance of no-shows. A salon software and the ability to book online reduces the number of no-shows. Why? The client receives a confirmation email with all the information about the booked appointment. So less chance of forgetting the appointment. When an appointment is booked online, an automated process starts with reminder messages and you have all the customer's information in case the customer doesn't show up. Then you can always follow up.

Thanks to online bookings, you spend less time on the phone scheduling appointments and have more freedom to focus on what you love most about the salon.

Amber Provoost

Content Marketing Lead

Amber loves 90's dance classics, craft beers and radiant light shows. As part of the Growth Marketing team, she likes to inspire you through captivating copy and loves to share all her knowledge with you on her blogs.

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