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The most frequently asked questions about Salonized

October 01, 2020 — Amber Last modified on October 08, 2020

One of the best compliments we received is that our customer service is one that is much appreciated. And we’re incredibly proud of this! We understand that you as a salon owner want to focus on your passion. The thing it all began with before all the business aspects of your salon started to bud in. With this in mind, Salonized was created. With salon software you have more free time to do what you love and Salonized is running the salon behind the scenes.

But first and foremost…

What is Salonized?

Let’s do a quick recap of the origins of Salonized if you are not familiar with the story yet. Salonized started as a favor for a friend. A salon owner was beyond frustration and looking for a solution for his administration that was collected in binders. The most logical answer to this problem was go digital! Salonized created a user friendly software for a customer base and a digital calendar. Now, a few years later, Salonized is expanded to a complete salon software which many salons can no longer without!

In short: Salonized is a salon software where you can easily manage your appointments, marketing and customers - wherever you are.

Why switch to salon software?

Salon software helps you to professionalize your salon and makes managing your appointments and planning a pleasure. In addition, your customers are no longer tied to your opening hours for booking an appointment. This can be done anytime, anywhere. And did you know that phone fear is one thing? Young people in particular are reluctant to pick up the phone to make appointments. By making your agenda available online, you can tackle this problem straight away.

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Salon software is your digital assistant and can be a great help in running your busy salon. You can manage your daily planning, appointments and inventory at the push of a button. Fight no-shows with appointment reminders by e-mail and SMS and through various features you can put your customers in the spotlight.

Another advantage of salon software is that you can manage your marketing with it. Link your social media, integrate with Google and your website, send out newsletters and manage customer reviews.

Is Salonized suitable for my practice?

Although Salonized is initially aimed at hair salons, beauty salons, nail salons and barbershops, the software can also be used for dental practices and tattoo shops, for example. We offer many different functionalities and your calendar software can be custom made. Combine the functions that work best for your practice and voilà! You’ll have a digital assistant who meets all your needs.

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I don’t need all features, can I still use Salonized?

Sure thing! We offer different types of packages to suit the type of salon you run. Would you like to use salon software only for appointments? Then you can make an appointment package with us.

» Appointments

  • Appointments calendar
  • Online bookings
  • Automated reminders
  • Client Management
  • Google Calendar integration

You only pay for the features you need. So you never pay too much. It is also possible to expand your package. One call to our support team and you have direct access to the necessary functionalities.

Can I test Salonized?

Of course! When you switch to digital for the first time, we can imagine that you are faced with an enormous number of questions. You are used to your own method, which actually works fine for now. And digitising everything is quite a job. But don't worry! We are happy to help you with every step of the process.

» 14 days trial period

You can create an account and test it for free for 14 days. This way you can browse around and discover how our system looks and how it works. Like it? Then your account will be transferred to a monthly subscription and you will be able to set it up according to your wishes with the features that best suit your salon. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

» Guided demo by telephone

Done browsing? We assure you haven't seen all of Salonized yet! Our Support Team will be happy to call you for an hour or so to show you around in our system. I'm sure you still have some burning questions about applications and possibilities after you've tested it. Now is the opportunity to immerse yourself in Salonized information and make yourself an expert for your salon.

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I work with a different program, can I switch easily?

We can imagine that you find it quite a big undertaking to switch to a new software. But rest assured. Salonized helps you to make the switch with a little bit of your help. We are happy to help you export and import your customer database and product list.

History of customers can unfortunately not be imported. The reason for this is that this is built differently in each program. History in Salonized is always related to other parts of the program, such as an appointment, an invoice or an event. History from other programs can therefore not be imported.

I don't have a website, can customers book online?

Yes they can! It is not a requirement to have a website in order to be able to make online bookings. You have several possibilities to have your customers book an appointment online. Within Salonized you can generate a link that leads directly to your agenda. This link can be placed on different channels. For example, you can send it via WhatsApp, via e-mail, but it is also possible to place the link on Facebook or Instagram.

» Book now button on Facebook

You can have your customers book an appointment with you via your business Facebook page using the 'Book now' button. All you have to do is copy the link to the calendar and paste it into the Facebook settings. Via this link you can read step by step which steps you need to take to activate the 'Book now' button.

» Mini website

Do you wish to have a website, but do you think it's too big a undertaking to maintain it? Salonized offers you a super simple solution. Within our system you can create a mini website for your salon. On the mini website you can add a small description of your salon, a photo of the salon and you can set up the appointment widget and the gift voucher widget. The opening hours and contact information are displayed by default. With the convenience of the mini website you can be found online for your clients for all information, but you don't have all the hassle of maintaining an entire website. Win win!

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I am convinced. What's next?

That's great to hear! We are happy that you want to become part of the Salonized family. The first step is to create a Salonized account, which you can try for free for 14 days. If you are still (or maybe even more) enthusiastic after the trial period, we will transfer your account to a monthly subscription. Here you can still decide if everything you have tested is sufficient for you, or if you want to activate additional features.

Do you still need some extra help? Feel free to schedule a telephone demo with us. Our Support Team will walk through the system with you and you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions.

Still doubting whether you actually want to use Salonized? No worries. If you signed up for the trial period your account will remain for a while, but don't wait too long! Once you have worked with Salonized, you can't live without it! ;)

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