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The perfect beauty salon newsletter in 5 steps

August 04, 2016 — Amber Last modified on November 08, 2019

You can pamper your customers during their salon visits and wrap them from head to toe in cotton wool. But how do you develop the relationship once the client has left the salon? Salon e-mail marketing is an easy, effective and personal way to stay in touch with your customers. Occasional beauty salon newsletters arriving in a customer’s inbox are enough to subtly remind him or her to book a new appointment!

Best of all, you do not need a graphic designer or social media expert to send out your own salon newsletter. You can create the perfect newsletter with these five simple steps:


The content of your newsletter should appeal to its audience: it must not only be entertaining but also useful. You should bear in mind that the newsletter is not aimed at selling your services, but rather at providing your customers with valuable information when they are not in your salon. Your readers will appreciate your professionalism and are sure to return to you as customers! Deciding what you should write about is not as difficult as you might think; we will give you a few ideas.


What do customers ask you when they visit your salon? "How do I keep my hair healthy during the winter?", "What can I do about nail biting?" Or "How do I take care of my skin in the summer?" You could also send a video tutorial, such as a nice hairstyle for an evening out.

Trends and news

In the fashion and beauty industry, styles change quickly and new products are constantly being developed. Salon e-mail marketing is the ideal way to inform your customers about the latest trends. Incorporate the information that you share in a subtle way, that if someone feels their hair is flat and lifeless or their nails are in need of a little TLC, it's time to make another appointment with you…

Responding to news

Perhaps you feel a monthly newsletter is too ambitious, but you should try to send at least one per season. Create content that corresponds to the season, for example, beauty tips for summer, hairstyles for a wedding or nail art ideas for the holidays.


Format your newsletter like a magazine cover. Magazine publishers try to grab your attention immediately with the headline on the cover. Your newsletter should have a similar appeal when your customers see it in their inbox.


You naturally want the best for your salon and using the finest products reinforces your reputation. Your newsletter also contributes to an impression of high quality, so make sure that it contains beautiful images. Why would your customers go anywhere else? Ask your clients whether they would like to be a model for your newsletter. For example, you could take before and after photos to illustrate an article about a new treatment or trend.


Book now, write a review, please contact us… for the reader, this leaves little room for any other thought than, say, to immediately book a new appointment ;-)

Special deals also work well in a beauty salon newsletter. You can place a button in your newsletter that links to your online calendar. Offer your customers a 10% discount when they make an appointment via your newsletter, for example, through the use of a discount code in the comments section.



Decide beforehand how often you want to send your salon email newsletter. Do you have the time to send one monthly, or is once each season more realistic? However often you do decide to send them, set deadline reminders for yourself on your calendar so you don't forget.


MailChimp, the online newsletter software, allows everyone to send out well-formatted beauty salon newsletters and you can use it free of charge for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 newsletters per month. Salonized salon software includes integration with MailChimp, allowing all the customers in your customer database to be placed automatically on a MailChimp mailing list. You can forget about your email list, with the peace of mind of knowing that it is always up to date.

Need any help with creating your salon email newsletter with MailChimp? Please feel free to contact me ( Or try Salonized for 14 days for free.

Amber Korfage

Head of Product

We call Amber ‘Miss Salonized’. This is because she has held a number of different functions within the business and she knows all the secrets of the salon software system and more! All her experience has made her the perfect candidate for her current role as Product Manager, keeping you informed of all the latest Salonized developments.

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