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Open your cash register

The cash register provides a clear overview of your daily income and expenses. You start each day by opening your cash register to register payments. This way you keep a simple overview for each payment type - whether it’s cash, debit card, credit card, gift voucher or prepaid card. Manual transactions for your business such as coffee or lunches, can also be registered.

Close your cash register

With the help of the Cash up feature, you can easily check the cash register at the end of the working day. This helps you to stay on top of your finances and check that your payments are correct. An automated end-of-day report is created where you can compare the total expected cash with the counted cash.

Automated daily reports

It's very important to have a clear picture of your finances. By closing the cash register, the system creates an end-of-day report. Here you will find, among other things, the cash items and an overview of income and expenses. These summaries are stored in your account and can be viewed or printed at any time.

Split payment dates per invoice

To make certain your finances are accurate, we have added additional functionality: the possibility to register various payment dates for one invoice. This allows you to support (partially) outstanding invoices in your end-of-day report and easily see different payment dates for invoices on your daily returns.

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