Maintain an overview of daily income and expenses

With Salonized you can easily manage payments. Our new feature Cash Up ensures that you can easily prepare the cash register at the end of the day to get a report and provide insight into payments and cash per day.

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Keep a grip on daily income and expenses in the register

Cash up is the name for the functionality that closes a series of sales from a certain cash register. The cash up is carried out at a certain time, for example, every day after the closing time of the salon. The cash up gives an overview of the income and expenditure per day and provides insight into any cash discrepancies.


Open your cash register

You open your cash register to register payments. All income and expenses are tracked within your drawer. This way you keep a simple overview per payment type - from cash to pin and from gift voucher to prepaid card. Manual transaction, for example for lunch, can also be registered.


Close your cash register

With the help of the Cash up, you can easily make up the cash register at the end of the working day. In the end of day report, you compare the total expected cash with the counted cash. You also enter the cash for the next day, which might results in a transfer from cash to bank or safe.


End of Day Report

The closing of the cash register results in a end of day report. Here you will find, among other things, the count list of cash and an overview of income and expenses. These summaries are stored in your account and can be viewed or printed at any time.


Multiple payment dates per invoice

To make the cash up work optimal we have added an extra functionality: the possibility to register various payment dates for one invoice. In this way, we can also support (partially) outstanding invoices in your end-of day report and you can easily see the different payment dates for invoices on your daily returns.

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