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Send an automated message shortly after all appointments, asking the client how they experienced their visit. Your personal message puts your customers at ease to share points of improvement and can be priceless advice. And positive feedback is always a joy to read!

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Share your customer feedback online

Online reviews are more relevant than ever: 88% of people consider reviews a personal recommendation. Make your reviews public by publishing your customer feedback online. You ask your customers if you can publish reviews, but it's entirely your decision which of those reviews you would like to publish and which you would rather not. With the feedback tool created by Salonized, you can easily manage all your reviews in one place.

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Reviews are more than a single score

Scores give a good overview, but the real value lies in the comments. You'll be able to choose between two different kinds of feedback widgets for your website. The mini widget shows the stars score and when clicking on it, links to the actual page where the feedback widget is embedded with all comments shown fully.

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Send messages automatically and save time

To collect and place feedback on your website by yourself can be very time consuming. Salonized tries to make things simple by automating the process! Messages will automatically be sent to your client at just the right moment. Customer feedback is received and put into your account, where you can easily decide which review you would like to publish - with just one click!

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