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This is what salon owners should know about the GDPR

February 26 comments

May 25th 2018 a new data protection law will come into force, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This law will apply to all business that process personal information, including your salon. Most stories online about the GDPR are associated with big fines that could eventually result in shutting down your business. In this blog we will explain the GDPR and how your salon can easily be GDPR compliant. Click here to discover our GDPR features First things first, should I be worried about the GDPR? No. As long as you and your staff are aware of the new regulations there is no need to get your hair in a twist. This blog will outline all you need to know How the GDPR will affect your salon What to expect from reliable salon software How to be GDPR compliant The GDPR in a nutshell The GDPR is a European data protection regulation that will change the currently active Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA). The new data protection law will apply to all businesses that gather personal data of European citizens. Personal data: is any data relating to an identified or identifiable person. Think about name, address, email address or phone number.  The big difference between de DPA and the GDPR The GDPR wants to give individuals more control over their personal data. Therefore, the GDPR will ensure individuals more privacy rights and salons more responsibilities in regards to the way they process and protect personal data. When salons or practices do not comply to the new regulations they risk high fines that could be as much as 4% of your yearly turnover. But as we’ve already said, there is no reason to worry because you can be compliant in no time.  What about the Brexit, will the GDPR still apply to salons in the U.K.? Great question. The GDPR covers the data of all citizens across Europe. So it is very likely that if the U.K. leaves the European Union it will come up with a similar data protection regulation. Prepare now and you will be prepared for any other data policy in the future.  Does the GDPR apply to my salon? Only if your salon processes any personal data in any format. So it does not matter if you work on paper or digital. So if your hold client data such as: name, address, notes, reports and email addresses the GPDR will apply to your business. How the GDPR will affect your salon If your salon processes personal data we have provided a summary of the most important steps to smooth the transition to GDPR. 1. Know what to do Informing you and your team about GDPR is the first step. Do not wait any longer and make sure you understand how the GDPR will affect your salon. Make sure you know which data you are processing and do not process any unnecessary data.  2. Inform your clients with a privacy statement 
The right to be informed is one of the new privacy rights all individuals receive with the GDPR. You need to inform your clients about the data you process and for which purposes. You do this with a privacy statement. Clients need to agree with your privacy statement before you are allowed to process any personal data. At Salonized we will create a convenient opt-in for the online booking forms so clients can make bookings with the same ease as before. 3. Minimise the data you collect The GDPR wants you to process personal data responsibly and efficiently. Therefore you should only process the necessary data that helps you in providing the service at your desired quality standard. This way you do not only create more overview over your client data, you also reduce the risk to lose sensitive personal data.  Example: You hold the address information of your clients. But you never send them a postcard, paper invoice and you do not visit them at their physical address. In this case there is no reason to hold clients physical address so you should decide not to collect this data. 

Hint: Use this reasoning for more client data you hold and you will quickly determine which data you should process and which you should ignore. 4. Right to be forgotten, access and portability Clients can request your salon to be deleted to see the data you processed or to receive the data you hold about them. This right is really focussed on the big tech companies like Facebook, WhatsApp and so forth. Hence, we expect the chance this will happen in your salon is very small.  5. Data Processing Agreement When you use a third party like Salonized to process your client data you need to sign a data processing agreement. In this agreement you can clearly read which measures and responsibilities your data processor takes in regards to the protection of your client data. At Salonized we have updated our data processing agreement and as a client or future client you can request this agreement for signing.  What to expect from your salon software? Great you now know a lot more about the GDPR and how you and your team can get ready. You take all the right measures but.. what about your software? As data controller you are the one responsible for the processing of your client data. So even if you take all the necessary measures you can still get fined if your software, who is the processor of your data, is not GDPR compliant. Therefore, you need to make sure that each party that functions as a data processor is GDPR compliant. To be sure you make use of reliable software you should:

 Read the software’s privacy statement Be able to sign a processing agreement Know where your software keeps your data stored Be sure that your software does not use your client data for marketing purposes Don't wait any longer and become GDPR compliant Well you made it this far, which means you learned a lot more about the GDPR. The most important step to becoming GDPR compliant is to be aware of the new regulations. So you are almost there. Now you need to get things done. Advise your team Know which data you process and you should process Create your own privacy statement Sign the processing agreement if you use software The GDPR salon infographic Looking for GDPR compliant software that makes your work a lot easier? Try Salonized for free and our team will be glad to advise you how you can work more efficiently and become GDPR compliant in no time. Leave your questions in the comments, send us a chat message or create your own trial account in one minute.
Salon website design

Six tips for a salon website design that drives more customers to your salon

September 18 comments

Your website is the online representation of your salon. Think of it as a virtual gallery that triggers potential customers to explore the different services and best offers at your salon. With a great salon website design you keep the attention of potential customers and you will acquire more bookings. This should be the main purpose of your website.

 The aim of this blog is to stress the importance of being present online, especially in the year 2017. This involves two essential aspects: discoverability of your salon online and the look of your website. For more information about online discoverability, you can check out our previous blog. This blog provides several tips on how you can positively influence the online discoverability of your website.
 Your salon website design is super important. It eventually decides wether you will gain or lose clients. So now let’s focus on the 6 tips for a great web design that will increase your revenue. 

6 tips for Salon Websites Last year, mobile Internet access far exceeded Internet access via desktop. According to figures from Zenith, a whopping 75 percent of all Internet traffic in 2017 is expected to come from mobile devices. That brings us to tip 1: #1 Mobile Responsiveness is Essential Over 86 percent of people, like you, use a smartphone. Hence, the probability a customer searches for your salon on their phone is large. A website with “mobile responsive design” automatically adjusts the display to the screen size of the visitor’s personal device - be it a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Curious if your website is mobile responsive? Then visit your website on your smartphone and click around. Is the text legible or does everything seem very small and indistinct? You can also test the “mobile responsive design” by using the free tool from Google to observe the difference. It is proven that websites with no “mobile responsive design” have a much higher bounce rate. This means that people will leave your website immediately before any interaction on your website. Eventually your conversion rate (total website visits divided by total bookings on your website) will be much lower and this will negatively affect your revenue.

 #2 Less is More Less is more in terms of colours, graphics, titles and text. The latest web designs often have calm colours, are uncluttered and user friendly. We say goodbye to pink backgrounds, different fonts and low resolution images. 

The first impression of your salon website will determine if clients stays or goes. If a website looks restless, it will negatively affect the image a client has of your salon. The client will most likely leave your website without even considering to look further. A good salon website design provides a familiar, comfortable feel and looks professional. The customer is likely to expect a professional touch when getting her new hair colour, painted eyebrows or eyelashes done and will love to make a booking on your website. #3 Portfolio Customers have many choices when it comes to picking out a salon. It is not just about the services you offer; the customer wants to have a feel of your salon. Therefore, it should be no surprise that vivid, high resolutions pictures are prominent on online booking platforms. Adding a portfolio on your website provides the customer an idea of your salon and the services on offer. Do not use standard image library material (stock photos), but real photos of your salon and results of your work to highlight your capabilities. #4 Online Appointments Mobile visitors more often become actual customers. Why? Mobile searches on Google are usually targeted searches (searches with a specific goal) and real time to some extent. Currently 80 percent of people use their mobile to shop. If you need a specific product, you can easily go to and purchase the product directly. The same search behaviour reflects on salons. Whenever customers feel the urge to get their hair or nails done they want to satisfy their needs directly. This means they will either go to Google or their favourite salon’s website and make an appointment directly. In a situation like this it is important that your website allows clients to make a booking as simple and fast as possible. An online calendar allows existing and potential customers to book their desired service directly. A customer can immediately see the services you offer, the available times and can book directly. Compare this to a situation where a customer has to call for an appointment and reaches your voicemail 9 out of 10 times. You do the math. 

 Bonus tip! How many customers visit your online appointment page and what percentage actually also books an appointment? This is valuable information, which you can obtain by optimising your online appointment page. Google Analytics makes it possible to gain insight into this aspect. If you work with the online calendar Salonized, you can add a success URL (i.e., the number of customers who make/complete a reservation or booking) to your booking widget. In your Google Analytics account, you can then make a comparison between the number of visitors to your online appointment page, and the number of customers who land on your success URL. Feel free to contact our customer service to learn more about how to configure Salonized/Google Analytics link. #5 Available 24/7 Following up on the previous section - an online diary on your site - it becomes more common to be accessible for bookings 24/7. Answering voicemails and responding to WhatsApp messages belong to the past with an online diary. All you need to do is to refer to the online calendar on your website where customers can instantly see your availability and book online. Online bookings appear in your calendar immediately and you will always receive an email notification when a new booking is made. So you easily keep track on changes in your diary. 

Although you are always accessible for your clients with an online diary, it is important to clearly state your opening hours. People who visit your website still want to know your opening hours so they can directly visit your salon. By clearly stating your hours to avoid disappointed clients visiting your salon when you are closed. 
 #6 Be easy to find You can probably find your salon with your eyes closed, but for new clients it can be a bit harder to find the physical location of your salon. Focus on these two aspects so your salon can be easily found: 1) Make it easy for customers to locate the physical location of your salon. Make sure that first-time customers can easily access the address of your salon. The data must be clearly visible on your website, Facebook page and on the automated appointment confirmation and reminder from your online booking software. 2) Make it easy for customers to find you through Google Places. Second, connect your location to Google Places. When customers search for a hairdresser or beauty salon in Google Places they will quickly see all the salons nearby their location. 
Of course you want to end up in that list of salons. If you haven’t connected your salon to Google Places you can claim the address of your salon in Google Maps. Just click on this link and claim your location! In our next blog we will provide tips on how to end up higher in the search results of Google Places.
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6 fun and easy tips to reduce no-shows at your salon

August 23 comments

Sunny days are beautiful: we take in life as it comes and there is more opportunity for impulsiveness. Those spontaneous plans are lovely of course, but they may have an effect on the number of no-shows in your salon. Appointments are consciously or unconsciously forgotten during the nice weather as the park and beach beckon. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can greatly reduce the number of no-shows. Here are 6 quick tips that will help you deal effectively with those frustrating no-shows. Tip 1: Confirm and remind your customer Make sure your customer can’t easily forget the appointment. Immediately after the appointment has been made, send a confirmation. If you also send a reminder by email 24 hours before the appointment, the chance of you having an empty space in your salon will be greatly reduced. If you are dealing with a client who has often forgotten appointments, you can give them an extra reminder via SMS. Tip 2: Make your email personal Try to make the message as personal as possible so that customers feel connected to your salon. This will make your email and the customer’s appointment less likely to be forgotten. Here are three fun and easy ways to make your message more personal: - Write your email in your own personal communication style. Do you take an informal approach with your customers? For example, do you use the customer’s first name? - Thank them for their appointment and mention that you are looking forward to their arrival. - Add a photo of yourself or the team name. Example of an appointment confirmation: Tip 3: Make the customer aware Unfortunately, many customers still think that if they do not turn up their spot will be filled by a walk-in. Make your customers aware that you have made time for them in your calendar and it affects you when they do not turn up. You don’t need to immediately threaten them with fines but should rather adopt a playful manner. For example, add a photo to your email from the team that is ready for them, the coffee that awaits them or the treatment that has already been prepared. Tip 4: Changing the time / Cancelling Offer the customer the opportunity to cancel or move the appointment time. Clearly state in both the confirmation and reminder how this works.Try to make your customers aware that they can still make someone else happy with a place in your salon. Tip 5: Online payment Oblige customers to pay your services in full or in part online. This way, you have very little or no financial risk. With Salonized, it’s easy for your clients to pay online. You can also decide to pay a portion of the treatments. This lowers the threshold for customers cost being too high and significantly reduces the risk of a no-show. Tip 6: Analyse your no-shows If you have a clear picture of your customer’s behaviour, you can then decide how and when to use the tips above. You can quickly register a no-show in Salonized via the no-show button. The number of no-shows is immediately visible on the customer card. You can also see which customers do not show up on a regular basis through the filter function, so you can quickly map your risk group. It is also a good idea to ask the customer the reason for the no-show. Finally, it is useful to know during which period no-shows occur most often as then you can more easily respond to this. Wondering how to apply the tips above to your salon and how Salonized can help you? Please feel free to contact us via the chat icon at the bottom right. We’d love to hear how you deal with no-shows! Do you have any tips that can be added to this list? If so, please leave them in the comments, as they will also be of interest to other salons :)
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And now for a quick peek behind the scenes: get ready for a code update, new interface and new colleagues!

August 09 comments

While it is undeniably more fun to launch one new feature after the next, first, it is very important to get the system groundwork perfectly in order. Outdated code needs to be revised, which is also known as a legacy code ‘clear-out’. Along with expanding our team, we have recently been putting in some hard work towards making our software faster and more stable. In order to get this done, we have already successfully transferred most of the functions to our new system. The new system has opened up many more future possibilities, and we can now offer even more stability and speed. Even though this process takes considerable time and effort – the performance and stability benefits will be worth it! First, we’d like to introduce: Since January, we have welcomed seven new Salonizers to our team, and we’ve almost outgrown our office space. We are pleased to introduce our new colleagues! Lex Vergroesen, 25, customer support & growth Lex has been part of our team since January and he can be quite a chatterbox. There’s a big chance you've already talked to him, whether about Salonized, or just about anything else. He lives in the river district of Amsterdam, together with a cute dachshund called Sjors, and his girlfriend Sophie. In his spare time, Lex likes to spin the decks and he often intends to go surfing, but we’ve never actually seen him get around to it. Joost Kersten, 32, developer In order to tempt Joost into joining Salonized, we took him straight to the pub after the first interview. This was definitely a gesture he appreciated and he quickly took us on: since January, he’s become a regular fixture at one of our office desks. If he ever decides to have a career change, though, we fully expect him to go into stand-up comedy – but it could be that all his jokes are just the natural result of a daily train journey from Almere to Amsterdam.  Timon Vonk, 29, developer Timon is the fitness fanatic in our midst. A few times a week, he likes to work up a sweat doing crossfit, he regularly works standing up and, of course, eats lots of curd cheese. In addition, he also cares for little Evan. Timon is very a busy man! He started at Salonized in April. Ron Cadier, 33, developer Ron brings the customary Brabant cosiness to Solanize. He started in May and travels from Eindhoven to our office at the Herengracht in Amsterdam three times a week. He can certainly appreciate the finer points of the capital, but finds the price of a plate of chips and stew here completely absurd. Iris Hilgevoord, 28, customer support & growth Iris has also been supporting our team since May. She is a huge Ajax fan and can name all the players from any football team. Every morning finds her busy in her kitchen in the Amsterdam Leidseplein area, only to make the most delicious salads again at lunch. Daniel Toillion, 33, developer Daniel is our very first international Salonizer and has been working at Salonized since 1 July. He traded in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley for “small town life” in Amsterdam. He’s discovering the Dutch love of bicycles, he still needs to get used to strange Dutch expressions like ‘kiplekker’ for ‘awesome’, and he finds our famous bitterballen to be very overrated. Benjamin Udink ten Cate, 33, developer The legendary Ben has been around since the dawn of the internet. Thanks to his mysterious beard, he always looks very distinguished – an accurate reflection of his serious programming skills. But behind that beard lies an incredibly sweet man who is always up for a pint at the pub. Ben also teaches programming classes and is working on setting up his own business so that he can teach programming to the whole world! Our new Salonized Interface: Now, back to code: the recent makeover that Salonized has undergone did not only concern improvements in functionality, but outward appearance as well. The various pages of Salonized have been transferred over bit by bit: first, we started with Customer Management, then we worked on Inventory, currently we are working on the Checkout, and next, we’re going to overhaul the Calendar. Our new customer base In the new customer profile, you now have the option of adding a follow-up date when creating a note. When you make a note with a follow-up date, it will appear in the calendar on the relevant day. Another new feature, “Find on map”, is located by the address. This function has been developed for professionals who (also) travel to their clients. When you search for the address on the map, Google Maps is launched and you can easily find directions.  Sneak Preview: New Calendar Salonized's new advanced calendar avoids double bookings by taking into account not just employee availability, but also the availability of the required equipment and/ or treatment room. In order to do this, you need to provide multiple resources, as necessary. For example: you offer a treatment that can be done by three different employees. You also need particular equipment for this treatment, of which you have two sets. In the current Salonized calendar, this appointment can be booked three times, at the same time, if all three employees are available. However, the new improved calendar will also look at equipment availability. Once both sets of equipment have been booked, another appointment cannot be made by the third employee. The same applies to other combinations of employee/ treatment room/ equipment. The new advanced calendar is currently a beta feature. All feedback we receive concerning the running and functionality of the calendar can be used to improve it. If you are curious about the functionality of the new calendar, or if you’d like to have a go at trying it out, don’t hesitate to contact us.  Coming up next .... The new dashboard Also currently in development is the new dashboard, which will provide an preview of calendar bookings for the week ahead. You will also find a clear overview of recently booked online appointments without having to click on the calendar. There is also a to-do list with daily notes, which can be easily called up. Clearing the way for new developments… The new smart and accessible Salonized interface is just the forerunner for more upcoming features. Once the whole of the code has been converted to the new system, you can expect many new product updates from us! If you have any questions or comments after reading our blog, don’t hesitate to let us know!
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Customer Acquisition is Silver; Customer Retention is Gold

April 06 comments

We believe that if your client base already extends over several hundred customers, it is time to shift your focus away from new client outreach. This is the moment to concentrate on first time customer retention instead. If you achieve an increase of this indicator by 2 per cent, it has the same effect on profits as cutting costs by 10 per cent. A great effect! So, what exactly is "first time client retention"? First time customer retention is the percentage of new customers, on the first visit, that return for a second visit. This has to happen within a specific period, usually 90 days. To turn a new customer into a repeat customer: this is the undisputed growth engine of nearly every kind of business. How to turn a new customer into a regular We share some proven ways to improve your first time client retention. Want to start with (one of these) strategies? Always remember to collect and use as much information about your customers as possible. This goes beyond initial contact and the first transaction. You want to sell more than just a service; you are building a relationship! The more information you amass, the more opportunities you have to send personal offers. Tip 1: A good first impression Scheduling an appointment is the first direct contact a customer has with your salon. This can be done by phone, but online is becoming the norm nowadays. Therefore, it all starts with the look of your website and Facebook page. Needless to say, the possibility to book an appointment online is key here. Have you ever clicked away from a website because it was unclear or confusing? The same is true of asking customers to schedule an appointment via your old-school contact form. If, on the other hand, customers can view your availability online and schedule the appointment themselves in the free slot that suits them most, this creates a professional and positive first impression. Then, if the customer receives an instant appointment confirmation and a reminder the day before, you have put your professional stamp on the interaction. Your customer can look forward to the first appointment in your salon! Tip 2: An unforgettable experience Many salons find that delivering on expectations is the best way to retain new customers. So, how do you make the customer feel welcome? A good experience begins with greeting the customer and providing consistently great service. You will be surprised how quickly new customers will walk away from you if they do not feel as pampered as your other clients. Make sure you know what your customers need - even better than themselves! This is done by collecting personal information, e.g. with a sign-up form. In addition, take a minute after checkout to jot down thoughts and details on the appointment. For example, what you did, what products you used, or even how the customer likes her coffee. These notes will make the next appointment flow smoothly and comfortably, and the customer will be pleasantly surprised that you 'remember'! ;-) Tip 3: Schedule a follow-up appointment Don’t be afraid to ask the customer if you should schedule a follow-up appointment. Don’t see it as intrusive but as thoughtful. For example, after a colour treatment, you naturally want your client to maintain the beautiful new colour. So why hesitate to invite her back for a repeat? In case you don’t find the time or opportunity for a post-appointment chat, or you are more comfortable pitching beauty treatments with visual aids, no problem! You can check out our blog with tricks for increasing sales through email newsletters. Tip 4: Understanding customer satisfaction Suppose that 40 per cent of your new customers come back for a follow-up. That means you made your best effort for 60 per cent of new customers, yet you never see them again. Could it be that new customers experienced your services differently than you thought? Think of a restaurant visit, for example. The food was or delicious, but the service was poor and the wait was long. What is the chance you return if there are plenty of other eateries around? Improve what can be improved and maintain a strong team with motivated employees. Keep everyone on their toes by asking customers for feedback and active evaluation of your services. With Salonized, you can send an automatic feedback request after the appointment, which allows willing customers to share their thoughts. That way you can find out whether the room was too hot or too cold, there was too much banter during the relaxing massage, or the waiting time was disappointing. Tip 5: Work on the relationship, even after the customer leaves your doorstep You give your best to pamper every customer and make them feel special while they are at your salon. But how can you keep building that bond after the client has left? Sending newsletters is a simple, effective, and personal way to stay in touch with your customers. The occasional newsletter in the customer's inbox is enough to gently remind them to book a new appointment. Check out these tips to create the perfect newsletter for your salon in a few steps. Even better, get smart and start running targeted marketing campaigns. Salonized salon software lets you filter out the new customers from your total base and lets you send them personalised communications. For example, send a special offer for the treatment your customer had the first time, or make them aware of other procedures which could benefit them based on the previous work you did for them. Which of the above tips do you employ already? In other words, are you working to increase first time client retention yet?
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Advanced possibilities of the online calendar of Salonized

October 07 comments

In our previous blog post we talked about the possibility of creating a unique link to a specific treatment which can be booked instantly. The customer does not look for treatments on the entire booking widget, but can immediately choose a date and time for a preselected treatment. We received so many responses that it deserves its own article! Therefore, you can read all about online scheduling software for selected treatments here and get your own links in an instant. Why do you want this? You can use it to set up, for example, a "book-now" button at a specific treatment on your website. Or for a Facebook Ad. But also for offers that can be booked up to a certain date. Pre-selected treatments with online scheduling software When would you use this option? The preselected treatment is the option you would use when you want the customer to be able to directly select a date and time through a book-now button for a particular service. How do you make this link? To make the link, you need two pieces of information: Your unique online booking link Go to Online Bookings in Salonized, open the tab "Facebook-button" and the link at the bottom of this page. In this example: The code of the service: Go to admin > services > click on the service > copy the number of the service from the address bar. You have two options to make the selected service: The service is selected and the customer goes directly to the screen to select a date and time. The customer can first see which treatment is selected and uses the "continue" option on the screen to select a date and time. A preselected treatment: directly to the date + time The number in the link is the number of the service. You come directly to the screen to select a date and time for the selected treatment. A pre-sorted handling: customer first will see the chosen treatment At this link you fill out the appropriate service code in two places. In this case, you first have a segment for the selected service, before choosing a date and time. You build your own advanced links the same way using our salon software. You can copy the links below to use as an example and to be completed with your own company name and service number. A treatment that books to a specific date Want to use salon software to promote a treatment that books to a certain date? Then you can make it a unique link. You can use this for example for an action through Groupon, a seasonal treatment or when you want to fill an empty week in the calendar with services for a cheaper rate. In this example, the service indicated can be booked online from November 5th until November 30th. You build your own link like this: . You can also use minDate=yyyy/mm/dd Using the advanced option for a Facebook Ad You can use advanced options for a Facebook Ad. Do you have a quiet month in the salon? Want to promote a new treatment with a "try-out" rate? In this case, then offer an additional service at a promotional price. Use your Facebook ad then one of the advanced options, for example, the link with a latest date for customers to book by. Want to learn more about advertising on Facebook? Read all about it in our blog: Advertising on Facebook: create an ad for your salon.
Facebook advertising salon

Advertising on Facebook: create an ad for your salon

October 05 comments

Summer months are are often busy months for hairdressing and beauty salons. But from October you might get chance to take time off from the crowds. So what can your salon be doing in the quiet months to keep ahead of schedule? If you always wanted to try Facebook advertising, you could now use this quiet time to look into it. Facebook offers a lot of opportunity and really is not as difficult as it seems. Take time now to prepare for the busy period at the end of the year! Why advertise on Facebook? Facebook marketing is especially interesting because of the many possibilities in terms of targeting. You can very specifically show your message to the right people, for example people who live in the vicinity of your salon. In addition, salon advertising using Facebook is relatively inexpensive. Your can place your ad from only € 5.00 per day, with which you can reach over 1,000 potential customers. How to create your own ad on Facebook? I'll tell you how all this works in 5 easy steps. Before we start, you can click on "create adverts" in Facebook. Step 1: Setting a target What do you want to accomplish with your ad? Do you have, for example, a special event that you want to promote? Want more likes on your Facebook page? The goal that you choose for your ad depends on the answer to this question. You can choose from the following targets: Do you want to promote a particular treatment with your ad? So customers can make an online appointment, directly through your website? In that case we'll choose the target "send people to your website". Give your campaign a name you'll recognize in your list, for example "Promotion September Salon X". Step 2: Determining the target audience Of course you want your ad to be seen by the right audience. Do you want your Facebook advertising to be seen nationally? Tempting, because the range is huge. But you have a ladies hairdressing salon? Then you just need to reach women in your area. Let us not throw away our money, but make the target more specific. You do this by filling in demographics. Create a new audience. Select a location, age and gender. Then you can make your audience more detailed. So you can filter by interests. Do you have a nail salon? Then filter, for example, by the interests "nail art" and "nail design". Create a table of different interests and see your audience reduce to your specific target group. We recommend that you set a range of around a few thousand. Tip: Want to use this group for the next ad? Just save the audience for later. Step 3: Determining placement After you determine the target audience for your ad, you specify where the ad should be displayed. You do this by "placements". The news is suitable for interaction and engagement with your message, the column does well, for example, to increase the brand awareness of your company. Step 4: Setting a budget Next you need to determine what budget you will use for the ad. You can choose from a budget per day and a long term budget. If you want the ad to run for a week, choose a term budget. Whatever budget you choose, the total budget will be spent. Having chosen an amount, Facebook shows an estimate of how many people you will reach daily. Please note that a small percentage of them click through to the website. Based on this estimated range, you determine the final budget for your ad. The minimum budget is €5 per day. Step 5: Making the ad The administrative part is over! Now you can actually start preparing and designing the ad. Search online for the perfect picture for your ad. What works even better is an image of your salon or a picture related to the treatment that you are promoting. Remember to include an action button. Do you use a salon software system such as Salonized for online appointment booking? Then choose the "book now" or "more information" button and send the potential customers directly to your online calendar! Satisfied with your ad? Then it's ready to install. Facebook will check the ad and you'll receive a message within 15 minutes if it's approved. From that moment you'll be reaching new potential customers!
Salon email newsletter

The perfect beauty salon newsletter in 5 steps

August 04 comments

You can pamper your customers during their salon visits and wrap them from head to toe in cotton wool. But how do you develop the relationship once the client has left the salon? Salon e-mail marketing is an easy, effective and personal way to stay in touch with your customers. Occasional beauty salon newsletters arriving in a customer’s inbox are enough to subtly remind him or her to book a new appointment! Best of all, you do not need a graphic designer or social media expert to send out your own salon newsletter. You can create the perfect newsletter with these five simple steps: 1. VALUABLE CONTENT The content of your newsletter should appeal to its audience: it must not only be entertaining but also useful. You should bear in mind that the newsletter is not aimed at selling your services, but rather at providing your customers with valuable information when they are not in your salon. Your readers will appreciate your professionalism and are sure to return to you as customers! Deciding what you should write about is not as difficult as you might think; we will give you a few ideas. How-to's What do customers ask you when they visit your salon? "How do I keep my hair healthy during the winter?", "What can I do about nail biting?" Or "How do I take care of my skin in the summer?" You could also send a video tutorial, such as a nice hairstyle for an evening out. Trends and news In the fashion and beauty industry, styles change quickly and new products are constantly being developed. Salon e-mail marketing is the ideal way to inform your customers about the latest trends. Incorporate the information that you share in a subtle way, that if someone feels their hair is flat and lifeless or their nails are in need of a little TLC, it's time to make another appointment with you... Responding to news Perhaps you feel a monthly newsletter is too ambitious, but you should try to send at least one per season. Create content that corresponds to the season, for example, beauty tips for summer, hairstyles for a wedding or nail art ideas for the holidays. 2. A STRIKING SUBJECT LINE Format your newsletter like a magazine cover. Magazine publishers try to grab your attention immediately with the headline on the cover. Your newsletter should have a similar appeal when your customers see it in their inbox. 3. HIGHLIGHTS You naturally want the best for your salon and using the finest products reinforces your reputation. Your newsletter also contributes to an impression of high quality, so make sure that it contains beautiful images. Why would your customers go anywhere else? Ask your clients whether they would like to be a model for your newsletter. For example, you could take before and after photos to illustrate an article about a new treatment or trend. 4. CALL TO ACTION Book now, write a review, please contact us... for the reader, this leaves little room for any other thought than, say, to immediately book a new appointment ;-) Special deals also work well in a beauty salon newsletter. You can place a button in your newsletter that links to your online calendar. Offer your customers a 10% discount when they make an appointment via your newsletter, for example, through the use of a discount code in the comments section. 5. EXTRA TIPS Frequency Decide beforehand how often you want to send your salon email newsletter. Do you have the time to send one monthly, or is once each season more realistic? However often you do decide to send them, set deadline reminders for yourself on your calendar so you don't forget. MailChimp MailChimp, the online newsletter software, allows everyone to send out well-formatted beauty salon newsletters and you can use it free of charge for up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 newsletters per month. Salonized salon software includes integration with MailChimp, allowing all the customers in your customer database to be placed automatically on a MailChimp mailing list. You can forget about your email list, with the peace of mind of knowing that it is always up to date. Need any help with creating your salon email newsletter with MailChimp? Please feel free to contact me ( Or try Salonized for 14 days for free.
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9 benefits of using online scheduling software for your salon

July 25 comments

Don’t you love the way Internet has made things so convenient? Whether you want to book a hotel room, rent a car, or buy a new laptop, you can do it all online. I often hear salon owners who are skeptical about online bookings. When you’re used to doing everything in a certain way, a change can be difficult. Do you still control your own calendar and do your costumers want to book online? The answer is yes! Here are 9 reasons why your salon will benefit from online scheduling software. 1. Save time with salon software During treatments, fewer phone calls will disturb you. This is the first advantage of online appointment software. What’s more, there will be less number of voice mails requesting for a call back. You can simply refer customers directly to the online appointment software on your website. 2. Make a great first impression Have you ever clicked away from a website because it was confusing or unclear? Then imagine what it would be like to make an appointment via a contact form. Scheduling an appointment is the first initial contact that a customer has with your salon so you want to leave a positive first impression. When costumers see your online availability, they can schedule the appointment and receive an email confirmation right away. They will definitely put this down as a good experience. 3. Available 24/7 You’re in the middle of a treatment when the phone rings, so you call the costumer back later. But there is an easier way to do this. The online scheduling software Salonized will have all the relevant details on your website. Customers see when you are available before making appointments, which will appear in your calendar instantly. You will always receive notification of new bookings, so you can plan your day accordingly. 4. Automatic appointment reminders Every salon owner dreads no-shows. These are customers who forget their appointments or show up at the wrong date or time. With automatic appointment reminders, you can avoid no-shows without having to call the customer. Salonized software automatically sends the client an email or SMS reminder so you have more time to do other things. 5. Always have access to your calendar You will have access to your calendar any time of the day or night, but we are not saying that you should be working 24/7. On the contrary, you will just have more time. If you are at home or on the road and wondering how your work schedule looks for the next day, you can easily access your calendar. Simply log in using your phone, tablet, or computer- wherever you are. 6. Appointments via your Facebook page Customers expect to find your salon online, whether it is through Google or social media. Salonized offers you many features that will increase your visibility on the Internet. For example, you can simply link the online appointment software to your Facebook page. 7. Prevent double bookings Scheduling appointments might not be a complicated task, but it requires good planning. Double bookings or poor planning can create problems, but fortunately, the online booking system Salonized is so advanced that it can handle complex schedules, even if you work with another booking system. 8. Security Are you always dealing with lots of folders or complicated spreadsheets? What if these customer files are lost or the laptop crashes? With salon software, you won’t have to worry about any of these issues. Save all your customer information, appointments, and transactions securely in your Salonized account. Because everything is stored in the ‘cloud’, you have access to your data from any device, anywhere and anytime. 9. Cut costs with salon software We know that paper-based diaries don’t cost you anything…but with all the features of Salonized software, you will save time and money on the tasks that you would otherwise be doing yourself. For example, your payments are automatically registered so you will spend less time sorting out your accounts. You will also receive automatic notifications whenever a product is out of stock, which ensures that you never miss the next order. Do you want to know more about our services? View all the Salonized software features or try the 14-day free trial now!